Hope and Social’s Secret Santa

in partnership with “Theatre In The Mill”

Christmas is a special time for H&S. We always try and do something that’s special for us, and you… stuff like performing a singalong with 200 people on Leeds Town Hall steps and becoming a big-band, making an acoustic album and performing it as a one off set at The Georgian Theatre, recording a Christmas song with 200 bell-ringers, performing Bring The Happy for two consecutive nights at Leeds Town Hall, and playing 12 shows in a day.

Over the years we’ve been able to make a bunch of our own Christmas wishes come true so this year, in association with Theatre in the Mill, we’d like YOU to help us bring other people’s Christmas wishes to life.


What’s the one gift that you’d love to give? Who’s that special person who deserves something magical? What’s the gift you always wanted and never got?

We want you to help us make Christmas wishes come true. Nominate a person and the gift you’d like them to receive and then hand it all over to your trusty Hope and Social, and we’ll set about making it *happen.

From Monday the 12th Dec, through Friday 14th December, Theatre In The Mill will be hosting us, and you, as we come together to build, make, and generally be the makers of Christmas Future. If you’ve ever wanted to work in Santa’s grotto… this is for you!

On Saturday 15th December, we’ll be doing a show and tell of all we’ve gotten up to that week. And despite popular opinion we’ll play some music too! The venue has yet to be confirmed, but presume Bradford, or Bradford-abouts if you’re booking hotels!

“Great, so what do I need to do?”

Two things, if you’re coming to the Saturday shindig – Get Your Here Tickets Now

If you have a wish, and no-one else can help you, maybe you can call… The H&S Team. [needs work – Rich]

Enter your Christmas Gift Nominations HERE!

* no guarantees can be made that any or all of your Christmas Present Wishes will we granted… We’ll see what we can do.