Hello Music Lover. We’re Hope and Social and we “wrote the feem toon AND sung the feem tune” for the Yorkshire Festival 2014. It’s called ‘The Big Wide’ – it’s very BIG and it’s very W I D E! You can play the song right here on this webpage and download it free from the player above… or if you’re more visually inclined, you can watch the video, hear the song and see us doing lots of physical bike-based activity below…

Here at H&S Towers, we like getting people involved in what we do. So for Yorkshire Festival 2014, we made the written music available so that you can make your very own “The Big Wide” in the comfort of your own home. We put all the instrumental parts and lyrics available here (.zip file). Oh, and here’s an instrumental version… ooh, and we’ve got the lyrics for you too.

In the summer of 2014, hundreds of people across Yorkshire joined Hope And Social in playing The Big Wide (and many other H&S songs) on The Tour Of Infinite Possibility.


We recorded The Big Wide video at Scargill Reservoir in glorious Yorkshire. Many thanks to Yorkshire Water for letting us use their beautiful land for the shoot.

The bikes we borrowed from Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) who are proud partner of Cycle Yorkshire. They run a number of initiatives designed to get the district cycling and remove any barriers to participation. These include safer cycling and cycle maintenance training, learn-to-ride programmes, and guided rides. As part of this HBC has invested in a number of bikes that can be used by the community to ensure that anyone who wants to ride a bike has access to one. It really is a fantastic scheme. To find out more contact or go to