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So… you wanna join the band…

The summer is fast approaching… or we might have just had it, I can’t decide. Either way, the Hope and Social ‘Summer Festival Tour’ is most definitely upon us and on Monday 29th August we’re going to be donning our Hunter wellies and heading back to see our friends at Greenbelt festival.

It’s always a pleasure to play at Greenbelt in the beautiful surrounds of the Boughton House estate but this time we’re doubly excited as we’re going to be spending the day drinking tea, eating biscuits and more importantly working up some songs with some lovely festival going types as part of our ‘A Band Anyone Can Join’ project.

What is ‘A Band Anyone Can Join’?

You might well ask. Essentially the idea of ABACJ (Sorry, I’m not usually a fan of acronyms but my typing fingers are getting tired) is that we spend some time with a group of people who like the idea of playing some music, we teach them some of our songs on whatever instruments we can find and then we play a big gig together. Having started off here at Grassington Festival in 2013…

The project has taken us all over the country and seen us playing gigs like this (skip to 4:20)…

As you can see, we’re kind of old hands at this, so where’s the challenge some might say?? Well, we’re not a group that likes to rest on either our own (or indeed your) laurels. We reckon that teaching people over a number of weeks is too darn easy. So, we’re taking the challenge to the next level. Instead of giving you weeks of prep time and rehearsals, for the first time ever at Greenbelt, we’re going to attempt to cram all the fun into a single day without the aid of anything like a safety net.

That sounds ridiculous… where do I sign up?

Good question, we like that attitude. Your first job if you haven’t already done it is to get yourself onto the Greenbelt festival site and bag yourself a ticket. There is such a thing as a ‘Day Ticket’ for the Monday but a very short roam around the line up page should be enough to convince you that the weekend ticket is more what you were looking for.  Ticket in hand (electronically/metaphorically speaking) head back here and fill in all your most personal details below, and then simply sit back and let it all happen.

[UPDATE: 05-08-16]
Welllll, that’s it. We’re all signed up. Applications for Hope and Social’s ABACJ at Greenbelt 2016 are now closed. If you’ve not signed up… sorry… maybe next time. For those who have, we’ll see you at the rehearsals!
[END UPDATE: 05-08-16]

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