“Connect: Resound” – A Live Lesson on Sound

… from inside your computer!!!

This coming Thursday (26th March 2015) from 1:15pm to 2:15pm, schools across the county are tuning in to join Hope and Social (the musical equivalent to the interior designers’ “shabby-chic”) deliver a live lesson in sound and recording via the wondrous interwebz.

This is the third event in NYMAZ’s Connect:Resound series of events using live-streaming to bring vibrant [pulls socks up] learning experiences into the classroom via distance learning. It’s such big news we’ve made the news!! We’re no strangers to letting people into our studio, whether in person, or via our interactive live blogs during the Crypt Covers sessions, but for the first time ever we’re relying on the strength of James’ 4G connection to live stream a session direct from the Crypt.

As you probably know we’re all a bit scattered at the moment. While James and Ed are busy working up a script, Simon is in London squirreling away trying to find the worlds longest HDMI cable, Goff’s in Berlin, or Brighton, or Bristol or another B based city, Rich is writing this blog and Gary’s probably got a solo gig somewhere. So this might just be your best chance to see us this side of May. You can watch it all unfold over here, or simply watch below.

Whilst working in schools in Grassington, Burnsall and Threshfield capturing audio to use during this online lesson, we explained what we’re planning to do and asked the young people if they had any questions about sound, about recording, or about what it’s like being in a band; they came up with such gems as:
– Why do you have two microphones?
– Why do speakers move? and
– How does sound travel?
… and we’d love more. If you have a burning question that you want answered (about recording, sound or band life), something that may help shed some light on things for newcomers to sound and for young people interested in music in particular, then please tweet @NYMAZmusic and @hopeandsocial on the day and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. Behave though yeah? This is a family show. [grins]

See you Thursday!
The project is facilitated by NYMAZ, Grassington Festival and supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts – Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England