Hope and Social’s Blunder Bus!

Part of the Tour de Yorkshire Festival

noun 1. a short large-bored gun, flared at the muzzle so as to scatter shot widely. Literally ‘thunder gun’.
2. an action or way of doing something regarded as lacking in subtlety and precision.

Rain coat? Check. Stamina? Check. Vocal Cords? Check. Massive bag of fun-nuts? Check.

This can only mean one thing, we’re in training for another ill-advised dose of against-all-odds musical tom foolery. We’ve done the 12 Gigs of Christmas. We’ve done the Tour of Infinite Possibility. Now it’s showtime as we extend our scattergun approach to music making and welcome you all aboard Hope and Social’s Blunder Bus!

To prepare us all for our own lycra-covered mid-life crisis Yorkshire is hosting another massive bike race this year in the shape of the Tour de Yorkshire. You won’t be able to move for helmets and bravado. It’s a bit like the FA cup of cycling. It covers three days from 1st-3rd May and the Tour de Yorkshire Festival have asked this bunch of trusty troubadours to get involved. So here’s the deal:

The Deal

You meet us at the start line in Wakefield on May 3rd 2015, the final day of the race, at 10am armed with a coat, an instrument* and some nerve. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to be part of our finish line show in Leeds at 4pm that day (all done by 5pm**). That’s it. Just 6 hours to learn everything you need to be a rock god [N.B. DISCLAIMER Rock God status is temporary. We can however guarantee that you will be in the band who are the headline entertainment at the finish of this years Tour de Yorkshire. [gulps] Oh, and we’re going to do it all on an open top bus… or two. [grin] It’ll may (or may not) look a lot like this!

“But it’s only a 20 mile journey” I hear you cry! Not when you’re on our buses it’s not. All will be revealed.

* Please note you don’t need to play an instrument or even bring one to come along. It just sounded more dramatic.
** Our buses will be available to take you back to the Hepworth should you need transport from our end-point in Roundhay

Places are limited and preparation time is short so please fill in the form below to apply for a place. You can apply as an individual, or as part of a small group. To spice things up we’re asking you to answer a couple of not-so-serious questions to discern just who should be allowed on this extraordinary trip! Be creative. We will be judging you. [narrows eyes]

The Form

For those of you who find it hard to pay attention here are the pertinent points again:

The Pertinent Points

When: May 3rd – 10AM > 5PM
Where: Starting at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield at 10am and ending at Roundhay Park at 5pm
Why: Because we had a free weekend and we need to feel loved
What: You get on a bus a lowly humanoid and we transform you into a needy rock overlord.

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