Halifax Minster, are you ready?

!WARNING! Obligatory, unromantic link to buy tickets –

Well, the summer is thus far shaping up to be a veritable smorgasbord of festival delights. We’ve played out in the pouring rain in Brill and just about managed to convince the ukulele lovers of Huddersfield that we can play the damn thing. There’s plenty more to go and we’ll bore you with that later but first…to Halifax…and more specifically to Halifax Minster and a gig that we’re so excited about that we’ve decided to rehearse.

(More honestly we’ve bought a table football table for the Crypt and we want to get some serious practice in but we need an excuse because apparently just hanging out with your mates playing games and eating Trios isn’t considered a valid occupation when you’re 40.)

July 1st will see us play the Minster for the wonderful warm hearted people at The Doghouse. We’ve been trying to sort this one for ages so now that the planets have finally aligned we’re more than a little giddy about it. It also gives us the chance to play some of the tracks we don’t often get to wheel out, especially in the summer when the merest whiff of a slow tempo number has the festival crowd turning for the nearest bath of Carling.

We’ll be dusting off and airing the likes of Fast Train and Lighter Side of Life. Maybe even going back as far as Architect of this Church and looking at San Fransicsco. We don’t know yet but we’ll certainly be mixing it up a bit. It’s strange stumbling into a position where you’re five albums into a…”career”, I suppose…and now having a load of songs to choose from. So many songs get automatically sidelined in gigs – some because they’re just not as good as others (!), some because most shows we do are 90% party and no matter how you parcel it up Let’s Go Out Tonight is still about depression!

So we’re beefing up the brass section and frantically trying to remember the chords. I really can’t wait. If there’s anything we’ve not played for ages that you’d like to hear please let us know on Twitter.

We should also say that the support for the show comes from two excellent bands:

Postcards from Jeff

…and our good goof friends Saints Alive

Yep…can’t wait to get in there. Now to find the lyrics and chords…



!WARNING! Obligatory, unromantic link to buy tickets –