Festivals 2016

I’m guessing you don’t have much experience with heat

Bees will buzz, aaaaand so will a worn and unraveled G-string (we’re talking guitars here people, not skimpies). You can expect to find all of the above and us, probably getting gorgeously tanned, at this summers festivals!

Already this season we’ve been at York’s “The Ebor Feast”, been rained on, then duly roused by the wonderful Big Brill Camp crowd, had a crowd-full of Uke players join us for a rousing Rolling Sideways rendition at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. But where else can you be sure of catching us In Summer. Well obviously, you can catch us at Halifax Minster on the 1st July (more on that over here), but if it’s festival fun you’re looking for… here’s a few dates to whet your whistle.


Barnaby FestivalSun 19th June: – Family Friendly, ace mooooosix, face painting, parades, relaxing in the summer sun, just lettin’ off steam, talks by the brilliant Owen Jones (amongst others)… there’s a lot to love about Barnaby Festival… If nowt else it makes us think of our lovely mate, photographer, and wearer of much tweed Barnaby Aldrick. The venue looks ace too!
We’re on twice (3-40pm and 9-15pm) so bring your sleeping bags for the interim.

Moonbeams FestivalFri 8th July: – Literally only a handful of tickets left for this one at Wold Top Brewery (YO25 3HS). Some fantastic music on this one, and yoga, real-ale… and with their Cream of The Wolds craft-ice-cream on sale, just imagine how much cooler we’ll be in summer.

Bradford FestivalSat 9th July: – Come say howdy for a family friendly (no swearing Simon!!!) set in Bradford’s lovely Centenary Square. We’re on stage at 1pm, but come say howdy to us before/after with a drink in my hand. There’a a whole bunch of lovely stuff going on for Bradford Festival. Aaaaaaand us too. [grins]

Something Awesome TBC – Sat 16th July/Sun 17th July. Can’t say too much about this right now but soon, we can say what the awesome thing we’ll be doing is… and where. It’ll be bold as..!

Just So Festival19th>21st August. We’re playing on the Saturday 20th here, but so well reputed is Just So Festival that we’re making a weekend of this one. Tents, families, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz and daddy’ll be drinking warm Carling from a can at 2am. Standard.

Greenbelt26th>29th Aug. H&S show is Monday 29th Aug.
We love doing shows at Greenbelt. A great sounding stage, spontaneous 500-person conga lines, a big-top. But not content with that, Greenbelt want us back for our A Band Anyone Can Join show. (Read more about it here). If you’re coming to Greenbelt and have always wanted to headline a big festival as part of a big band, then join us here here.

We’ve got some exciting news to announce in the coming 24/48 hours, but for now, that’s the festival roundup. Just remember, the sky will be blue, and you guys will be there too, when we finally do what Hope and Social do in summer.