The 12 Signs of Christmas in New Yorkshire

Hello Dear Reader & a merry Yule to y’all,

We’re writing to you just now to put a bit of a shout out to all those of you who like helping people at this time of year… and when we say people, we mean us! As you may know, we’ve putting on a Christmas event a week tomorrow [gulps], Friday the 11th Dec, and as per the very famously American Uncle Sam recruitment posters. We Need You!

We need you to help us deck the hall with signs. Some of you lovely people have made signs for us before, and they were lovely. The now famous “Crypt Bistro” and “$4!t Vegas” signs that now adorn ghe walls of our studio. So, as our theme for The Fairytale Of New Yorkshire is going to be “the top 5 things to do in NYC at Christmas” we need some NYC visuals. Aaaand what screams New York more than giant signs or some of the most famous landmarks on the planet?

So whaddaweneed? First and foremost, a Radio City Music Hall Sign… oh and a Rockettes one, a Macy’s storefront sign, a Big Piano sign, an FAO Schwartz storefront sign, can anyone make us a full sized statue of Liberty? And road signs, and a big yellow taxi… but mainly the stuff in this ‘ere gallery… and probably made of cardboard and mod-rock, rather than marble, aluminium and plastic eh? [grins]

So, whaddayasay? Who’s interested? We know you can do it! If you’re handy with a staple-gun, some paint and with your imagination, drop me a quick email here and include a contact number. We’ll be in touch shortly to see who’s up for what, and to come back at you with a bit of a plan.

So, fingers crossed this works! Hoooooooj thanks in advance.

… and all of Hope and Social