Life’s a Beach and then you Party! (Feva Festival 17th August)

FEVA Festival Urban Beach

Holy crabsticks! We’re all still exhausted from the craziness that was The Tour of Infinite Possibility. What we all need is a holiday. We need a Yorkshire holiday. How’s about we all go to the beach for just one day? In Knaresborough.


On Sunday the 17th of August in collaboration with Knaresborough’s lovely Feva festival and 50 tons of sand on their brand new urban beach we’re going to be hosting a beach party with special guests the fantabulous Grand Old Uke of York and the super talented Beth McCarthy.

There’s going be gorgeous seaside food and all kinds of seaside fun and surprises. Like massive jellyfish! And a constant fear of rain! And sand in your nether regions! All the good stuff…

More info below but tickets are available directly from here – £14/£10.

See you there! Dress for the beach and for dancing! Gonna be super lovely….

h&s x


“Knaresborough FEVA presents the Hope and Social Beach Party”

After a summer of chasing bikes around Yorkshire, Hope and Social return to Knaresborough feva with a bevvy of awesomeness.

A beach in the middle of Knaresborough you say?

Yep, you heard right. Between 4:30pm and 9pm, come to the amazing Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre in Knaresborough to play in 40 tonnes of the finest sand this side of Scarborough. Bring your Kiss Me Quick hats, build sandcastles, dance around the Totem-Palm-Tree, Instagram your mates in the “your face here” boards, play in the seaside silent disco and eat the finest maritime food care of Fish&, drink ales, aquatic cocktails and be entertained by Yorkshire’s finest:

Beth McCarthy – Recognisable to millions as one of the stars of BBC’s The Voice, but much more than just another talent show karaoke hero. Still just 17, Beth has been writing, gigging and busking round the mean streets of York for the last 4 years and her cheeky country-twanged-acoustic-pop has earned her an army of loyal fans.

The Grand Ol’ Uke of York – Recently returned from their amazing summer of festival successes, GOUY make their FEVA debut. Joyous, beautiful and as much fun as crowdsurfing atop a field of puppies, GOUY are not to be missed.

Not to mention our very own Hope and Social appearing at their first Yorkshire show since their globally acclaimed Tour De France Opening Ceremony show (featuring both GOUY and Northern Songbirds). Expect dancing, collaboration, fun and celebration of the fine things Yorkshire has to offer.

Tickets available from