Just Another Normal Tour!

Ed Looking Ramshackle at a gig

Well…. as normal as anything gets around here! We can’t do anything without something “weird” happening… Sometimes we replace the word “weird” with “magic” but it all comes out the same in the wash. Well, we bet you were thinking…. “I wonder when Hope and Social are going to do some more of their what can only be described as “consistently ramshackle” gigs?”

So… all the structural rigour of a Jacobs cracker and the joie de vivre of a Europcar sales representative we announce another stealth like Hope and Social Tour. Yes, with barely enough time for you to purchase a ticket, arrange a babysitter or even choose what to wear we tell the world “here we are!”, “come and take us, make us your own!”.

So this means you have a new album right? NoOr that you’re doing another ludicrous engagement project where you get lost Pygmy tribes to reunite with Cilla Black? NoOr it’s your last farewell tour? Yes! Well, maybe.

No, we just wanted to get out there and play some music. Dust off the axe, comb our thinning hair, bulk buy the Berocca and play some damned rock and roll. So just in case you’ve missed the billboards and endless radio play (“not so bouncy now the Tour de France has finished are you Tony-big-balls?“)…here are our dates:


Thurs 6th: Birmingham, Hare and Hounds –

Sat 8th: Goole, Junction (where we’ll resurrect A Band Anyone Can Join!) – Tickets available from Box office on 01405 763652

Sun 9th: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club –

Wed 19th: Manchester, The Castle –

Thurs 20th: Wakefield, The Hop –

Fri 21st: London, Birthdays –

Sat 22nd: York, Fibbers ––social-tickets/142787

Sun 23rd: Bedale, Talullahs – acoustic show! –

It’d be ace to see ya all… we’ll be late as always but we will  be there.

yours in ramshackleness

h&s x

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