Letter to The Mailing List – June ’13

Good morning campers! Gosh hasn’t nature done itself proud this week? Last week the birds had all but given up on our climate and headed south for warmer days and carefree nights, but come Monday they turned tail at Dover and pushed their way back up the M1 to sing their hearts out and dance their flirty dance. Thank God. I was reading Einstein and working out just how long we could last without bees, flowers, sunlight and cricket. It’s not very long I tell you.

So summer is here and with summer we bring festivals. Do you know the best thing about festivals? You just rock up, take your 24 cans of Carling, play for 40 minutes then drink the night away. Easy. No stress. No pressure. Just summer loving…What? We’re not doing that this year? We’re going to teach the local community our songs and they’ll join us for the gig? Are you kidding? Who sanctioned this? It sounds like a nightmare…

Grassington Festival

It’s week 6 of this madness in Grassington and we’re counting down the days to our big show together. Grassington Divas rounders team are shaping up on the Ukuleles and the under-7s bell ringers are doing their best to focus. It’s been a pleasure to be part of the beautiful community of Grassington and come 15th June (yep, this Saturday!) we’ll show you just how far belief and good fun can get you. Come see how our Band Anyone Can Join gets along as we headline the Saturday night. The magic starts at 8pm but we’ll be marching through the village at 11am if you fancy the hoot!

Lovely interview care of The Yorkshire Times here too.

More info here.

Tickets here.

Garforth Arts Festival

On a similar but more Emo-centric vibe we’re working towards the Garforth Arts Festival and DN7 festival with a number of schools in Leeds and Doncaster.

Ed’s been learning Biffy Clyro songs and showing the kids his guitar skills and then Rich has been coming in to clean up the mess. It’s all coming along rather spiffingly and we’re hoping to give the young people the full ‘band experience’ by making sure their audience is disappointingly small and they receive an invoice for monies owed at the end of the project. Come see us play our hearts out at the festivals:

Garforth Arts Festival:

DN7 Fesitval:


And that’s not it my beauties. No sir. We’ll be playing out at the FEVA festival in Knaresborough on August 11th with some specially arranged H&S songs for the local lady’s choir. We’re stripping things down and being firmly put in order by these lovely ladies and we’ll be showing our wares in the fitting surroundings of a gorgeous church. I’m very excited about this one. Lots to sort but make sure you save that date.

More info:

Bring the Happy rides again!

The phrase life-affirming gets used a heck of a lot these days. I don’t trust it. You see it bandied about by Richard and Judy when discussing novels about the local baking group. But I’m pleased to bring it back into the left field by proudly announcing that Bring the Happy is possibly the most life affirming work of art you will see this side of Dollywood. Off we go again in August with two new locations…seriously, get yourselves there:

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (British Council Showcase): August 19th-23rd, Venue and times TBC

Tunbridge Wells Trinity Big Top Arts Festival: August 10th, 2:30pm and 7:30pm, Details TBC


I’m going to leave it there…there are more festivals and there are more nuggets of happiness but how much can you take on a Friday morning?

Be good


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Tim Heymerdinger
June 13, 2013 at 9:46 am

More monkey genius! Good luck to Ed with Biffo Clyru – I can smell sweaty teens from here. Oh god that sounds wrong. AND the NSA are watching me too. I’m fecked.
‘Bring The Happy’ – best idea I’ve seen with music and community ever :)
Top lads. Love ya.