Crypt Covers 8: The Travelling Band

On October 8th we were joined by the Manchester-based five-piece Folk-Rock-Juggernaut that is The Travelling Band. I (Gary) first saw the Travelling Band a few years back at Kendal Calling and was blown away by their songs, charisma and musicianship. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of being out with the lads when Ellen and The Escapades supported them on tour. And now, after months of trying to sync far too many calendars, we’ve managed to get a date for us and them to play a cover of your choice as part of the Crypt Cover series.

UPDATE: 11/10/13

The amaaaazing Shot By Sodium finished up this rather mammoth edit of Rebel Rebel

If you love it, don’t forget to tell @shotbysodium, @thetravellingband and us (@hopeandsocial) on that there twitter, comment on the yoootooobs, below, send us a postcard… whatever really. It makes us feel loved.


About The Travelling Band

So! 5 facts about The Travelling Band;

1) The band have been together for seven years after forming for a recording project in Brooklyn, New York in september 2006.

2) One of the bands two vocalists Jo Dudderidge had most of his left lung removed as a child. He can still just about sing though, thankfully.

3) Drummer Nick ‘Cotton Box’ Vaal had straight hair until he was 16. He then shaved it and it grew back into a massive curly afro.

4) The bands track ‘Only Waiting’ featured in the cult TV series ‘Skins’. It soundtracked a montage of teenagers taking magic mushrooms in some woods.

5)TTB were the first British band to play in the newly formed Republic of Kosovo in March 2009. They played 5 shows there that year and were invited by the then President to visit him for tea.

The Live Blog

So, we’ll be live blogging straight in here today. No CoverItLive widget as it was costing a bit much. But we’d love you to stay involved, so please comment on this post below and we’ll do our best to keep an eye on that.

Any questions, thoughts or just wanna say howdy, bob ’em in the comments and we’ll get to them as soon as we can. ;)

Here we go with the…

Live Blog:

UPDATE: 11/10/13

The live blog wasn’t quite as busy as usual. We did do some tweeting and I (Rich) updated as much as I could but it’s a busy old day is a Crypt Cover, so apologies if we weren’t updating you as much as we have in the past.

On the upside, the lovely and ace @staceyhicken of The City Talking came down to soak up the atmos, so hopefully there’ll be something online soon to give you a bit of a feel of what a Crypt Covers day feels like.

10AM – Arrival. Unload van. Take the effing van to the garage again. Bless it.
11AM – Coffee and The Travelling Band arrival. We faff around for an hour, and then the wittling of songs begins. We’ve had over 160 suggestions for today. So it’ll be taking a while.
1PM – We have a Shortlist. Time to take this to the wheel >>

1-30PM – Starting to run through arrangements. It’s gone through crap-salsa, psycho-billy and cod-country revisions so far. Trying to get a feel accross bass, piano, drum-kit and percussion.

2-50PM – Hux is off to teach young people how to arrange songs in Skipton… bizarrely, considering we;re still working on the arrangement for Rebel Rebel and it’s nearly 3PM. Carnage!

7-30PM – I’m (Hux) back from Rewind in Skipton and in my absence, they’ve been working magic it seems. Lots of space in the first half, through to rocking out at the end. Some lovely bits of music in there.

7-45PM – Vocal takes. Sounding coooool.

9-30PM – Curry!

10-30PM – Gary’s Triangle feature & Xylophone solo. Hux’s chuggy guitar and slide solo.

11-15 – James’ trumpet…. And Dancing.

12-00 – Mixing mixing mixing.

11/09/13:Introducing The Travelling Band #cryptcovers session

(By Gary Stewart aged 29 and 3/4)

So. At H & S Towers we’ve been busy of late; Grassington Festival where we invited the good people of the town to be a part of our band; various workshops culminating in some great performances at DN7 Festival and Garforth Arts Festival respectfully; Bring The Happy – the show no-one can give justice to in a press release – which continues to grow as we take it around various pockets of the U.K, most recently Tunbridge Wells and Edinburgh Festival. Time for some respite? Some hard-earned reflection? Not likely boys and girls. There’s more to be dipping our pink and blue socked toes into. And so next month, after a much too long hiatus, we return with the Crypt Covers.

You can listen to their music here;

And here’s a nice little video of them too;

Get your song requests in now folks via the usual formats;

Twitter; #cryptcovers

We look forward to the newest addition to the Crypt Cover family : )


Gary x


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October 8, 2013 at 10:26 am

Looking forward to seeing what’s in the pot today

Steve Trickey
October 8, 2013 at 10:59 am

Is the chat widget going up or are we following via Facebook/twitter this time?

October 10, 2013 at 10:42 am

(cough) …still waiting – when are we going to get to see/hear it ?

October 11, 2013 at 11:46 am

Ta Daaaah!

Steve Trickey
October 11, 2013 at 11:55 am

Well played Sirs’ :)