Party, Party, Party! Garden Party!

So you may have caught up with this on that there Facebook, or Twitter… but for anyone who doesn’t already know…Hope and Social are bloomin’ chuffed to announce (after much deliberation, a few tears and a nervous breakdown) our next event …

… the Hope and Social Garden Party (#hsgardenparty if you’re on twitter) is GO!

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What can I expect?

photo by Gavin Freeborn

In short… lots. If you’ve been to one of our events before you’ll know the kind of thing you can expect. If you don’t know our history with events we’ve done all sorts: A bistro night with a wine bottle orchestra, a trip to the seaside, a beer crawl and a big bandhere‘s a bit more info on our previous events.

Aw c’mon, what stuff?

Well we’re going to be releasing a number of blogs about the garden part in the coming days and weeks but to give you a little taster….

We’ll be making art and having fun on the day. Think daft games, think Kids (and adults for that matter) Creative Projects“, think Messy Play.

There will be great foods made by brilliant and independent food peeps of Leeds, there will be wonderful beer, there will be games, and there will be music music music to dance the night away and there will be charity (25% of all profit will go to suitable local charities).


We chose The Old Rectory in Mirfield for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s gorgeous; a stunning Grade II Listed Building in the heart of West Yorkshire. Timber framed and built circa 1300. It’s minutes from where Ed grew up and it has quite a history if you’re into that sort of thing. Secondly, it’s just around the corner from the crypt; our studio and home from home. Thirdly… this is the view from the stage… Have a look around!

… and also, its owned and run by the lovely, ace (and ever so slightly bonkers) @annjj. A gem by anyone’s standards. Rich has played there before, and it’s a magical place with secret corners, a fire-pit, and lots of open space for lounging and for the stuff we’ve got planned.

What do I need to do?

Well, we’ll be using the ticket list to send you emails about what you need to prepare for so first things first, get your space reserved. We’ve sold a lot of tickets already so please do book in advance to avoid any disappointment. You can make a start now though. Wash your strawberries (fnaw), shake out your picnic blanket, gaffer tape last year’s sandals back together and apply your factor 50 sunblock for an afternoon of good old fashioned English summer fun.

Share and Share alike

In terms of numbers, this’ll be our largest event so far, so if you’ve wanted to bring any family, friends, work-mates, loved ones, tolerated ones, royalty or ruffians (right of admission refused) then this is a good one to share around. Please do feel free to tweet this page (there’s a button at the top look!), share it on your facebook profile, tell your mates. If they need convincing, this video from our Come Dine With Us night (by “Shot By Sodium“) is still one the best ways to introduce the band. ;)

Tickets £15 (under 14s free) and are selling fast at

If anyone wants to get involved in helping out, we are looking for a sober first aider, marshalls who are happy in blue high viz, burger flippers, ice cream men or women, and friendly reliable trustworthy bar staff who know how to pull pints of Ho Ho Hope and Social faster than we can drink them (Very fast).

And if you’ve any ideas about other stuff we can do, bang it in the comments below. We’re not promising… but y’know we like involving you in what we do. Remember, without you, we are nothing. So come play out and celebrate summer, Sleep Sound and the #hsgardenparty with us.

See you there.

Love from all of H&S x