Party Food

One of the best things about doing Hope and Social events is that we get the to show off the things we love in Yorkshire.

We are lucky to be able to bring a small but enthusiastic audience to things that we feel are special in some way.

There will be some amazing music and whole host of creative and fun games to get involved in our Garden Party , plenty more on that soon, but first we want to tell you about the food….oh the foooood……..and lay down a challenge for the National Cupcake Champions of Great Britain!

I swear confidently on my ever expanding waist-line that we will be blessed with some of the finest food available to humanity on 31st July. Our sun soaked alfresco suppers will be prepared and served by some of the most exciting, passionate, creative independent foodies in our region. Life will never have tasted so good.

For the following reasons, bring an empty stomach…..

Sunshine Bakery

The Sunshine BakeryNational Cupcake Champions of Great Britain! At our Garden Party? Oh yeah.

When David Bennett, former chef for Marco Pierre-White, replied to our email saying that they would love to be involved and “would it be possible to have 2 girls dressed up in 50’s clothing walking around selling our cupcakes and brownies out of  boxes” we of course politely declined and told him thats not something we are into. No! No we chuffing didn’t! We did a little excited cup cake dance.  You know the one.

When David went on to talk about his ideas for “Chuck a Tea-Bag, Win a Cup Cake” andRussian Canapé Roulette”, we did another little dance. A different, but equally excited asymmetrical dance.

However, as we all know, you are only as good as your last cake, sooooo…. we have a little challenge for reigning Cupcake Champions of Great Britain..

….we here by invite the Sunshine Bakery team to take on the might of Hope and Socials finest bakers, to do battle in “The Great Hope and Social Bake Off” for the coveted title of “Hope and Social Dough King/Queen”.

So come on our lot,  its time to pit your measuring spoons against the best around; just bring along your Hope and Social themed baking wonders on the day to join in the fun. (It will be hard to beat @amybalmain‘s kazoo cookies! )

Our reigning Dough Queen @heathermarsden will be pulling together an esteemed panel of judges (I wonder who it could be!)  to taste your delights and decide who is fit to wear “The Great Hope and Social Bake Off  Baking Foil Crown!”

It could get nasty. Dough will be spilled.


We have been dying to do something with Leeds fish and chips legend Andrew Critchett since we first heard about Fish& his amazing twist on the great British classic.

Andrew will be cooking up a Hope and Social themed and thoughtfully sourced fish and chip menu like you have never tasted before; all out of his pop up beach hut!

Picture yourself lazing outside his beach hut in a retro deck chair with your feet chilling in a paddling pool devouring one of his life changing mackerel butties!

You can find Fish& at Leeds’ free food festival “Leeds Loves Food” this weekend too.

Manjit’s Kitchen

For four glorious hours every Friday and Saturday evening,  the lucky sofa-dwelling-twitter-users of Leeds-8 can treat themselves to Manjit Kaur’s grandma’s authentic vegetarian Punjab recipes home cooked and delivered to their door.  Its been nothing short of a food revelation for a lucky few in the know Leeds folk.

Make no mistake, Manjit’s Kitchen is not a take away, its a home delivery service started 2 years ago with the aim of providing Leeds people with the satisfaction you get from eating freshly prepared, home cooked Indian food.

But, for one day only, Manjit will be leaving LS8 to spice up our lives with freshly made Chilli Paneer and Spicy Chickpea Wraps; fresh hot chapati filled with spicy yogurty deliciousness.  (Did I mention you can get your tickets here!)

Our Cow Molly

60 years ago  Hector Andrew started a dairy farm in an area of outstanding natural beauty on top of one of the seven Hills Sheffield was built on.

Back then a pint of milk had the same value as a loaf of bread and a pint of beer. 60 years later the milk price is so poor three UK dairy farmers a day are giving up producing milk. The Andrew family didn’t want to be next, so Our Cow Molly dairy ice cream was born!

Our Cow Molly make National Award Winning ice cream, in Sheffield, using fresh milk  from a single cow called Molly. It will be served in our Garden, and it will make you melt.

Leeds Brewery

For our Christmas Snowball the wonderful Leeds Brewery made us our very own beer. We asked for a beer that tasted of 3 parts happiness and 2 parts sadness. From that some what cheeky request their head brewer concocted the now legendary Ho Ho Hope and Social.

We launched a short run of Ho Ho Hope and Social in four independent pubs around Leeds at Christmas, and now, especially for our Garden Party, it is making a come back;  sure to leave its own inimitable trail of destruction on more time!

When its gone its gone. More to the point, when its gone, you are gone.

Ben’s Mum

Encouraged by all the lovely comment after Come Dine With Us (Hope you meant it!)  Ben’s mum will be back again dishing out her finest Eton Mess along with ice cold jugs of  home made lemonade.

And of course there will also be some of the more traditional burnt sausages and super juicy burgers on offer. Although we are still looking for someone lovely for this. Any ideas appreciated.

This is just a taste [nice pun Ben! *Rich] of what we have planned for the Sleep Sound Garden Party. In the next blog we will be announcing some of the incredible artists that will be filling that garden and your ears with beautiful music.

All you need to do now is…. get your tickets.

Until then.




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June 29, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Right now, I’m just trying to decide whether to get stuffing my face now so that my belly’s in training for the food fest on the day, or simply to begin starving myself now so that I’ve room come July 31st.

Matt Burrows
July 18, 2011 at 9:51 am

I am now not eating for the next 2 weeks to make room for all of this yummyness.

#excited #mouthwatering #hungry

Can’t wait!!

July 18, 2011 at 9:57 am


July 18, 2011 at 12:47 pm

Sunshine bakery are amazing, I just moved from chapel A and I miss them so much! Their pesto bread & sausage rolls are also amazing! and we get fish and chips as well?!! and curry?! so much food!! Ah I am so excited!!!! :) x x x

July 30, 2011 at 10:07 pm

Holy moly that sounds like heaven!