WLTM: Human beings with Video Cameras!

Filming Jaws: This could be you!

Must be creative, like people, with GSOH and up for possible more serious relationship. Likes must include: travelling, the seaside, live music.

We’re doing an open top bus trip to the seaside for our latest Hope and Social event on the 4th of September. One of the things which we loved about the last event (Come Dine With Us) was the documentary video produced by the 3B Media guys.

Hope & Social • Come Dine With Us [Behind-the-scenes] from 3B Media. See also the actual recording of Eurospin.

We would desperately love to document the day of our seaside trip in video in a similar vein but everyone we know who has the skills and equipment is unavailable that weekend. So, the question is…. do you or would someone that you know like to step up to the plate? We have seats for 2 video/photo guys on the open top Hope and Social double decker bus. We think the day is going to be a whole load of fun involving various bus based shenanigans, a trip to one of the greatest pubs in the UK and culminating in a gig and barbecue on one of the most beautiful beaches in the North. It sold out in less than 18 hours and we’re just hoping that there’s one or 2 people out there who would like make a little short documentary film about our trip out… The day will be filled with laughter, warmth and all kinds of good things. Including travel sweets. C’mon…. Scarborough film festival beckons!

Unfortunately… we have no money but you will be fed, watered and get to be part of an event which, judging by previous events, should be amazing. If you would like to get involved drop us an email explaining who you are and if you are scared of jellyfish to

This is going to be a blast. Send us a message if you want to be part of it!

H&S x


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Graeme @ CoosticksHQ
August 27, 2010 at 7:32 am

I WISH I was free, I would have happily photographed all the day away.

Hope you have a good one