Can You Make A Cool Thing?

Come rain, shine, hell or high water we are heading to the seaside on a open top bus.

Oh yeah!

And a trip to the seaside is not complete without popping your burnt red mug in a cheeky, big bosomed, skinny armed, fat bottomed, blue jacketed, Great British seaside “Your Face Here” photo board!

For our come dine with us event we asked the twitterdome if someone would like to make a bistro sign for our impromptu French bistro.

What followed is the stuff of legend.

The shamelessly beautiful and ever so talented Jenny unleashed her GCSE art paint set and created the now iconic “Bistro le Crypt” sign.

Thanks to for the pic.

The sign was the star of the the spine tingling Eurospin video and it hangs to this day in The Crypt, silent witness to who knows what sort of debauch behaviours.

So this is another call to arts.

It’s an inspired idea for a bit of “make art, have fun” by the wonderful Sarah Christie (Aka ScottishPenguin).

Would someone clever like to make a full sized cheeky Hope and Social themed “your face here” board for our open top bus trip to the seaside?

Just one, not one for everyone band member of course, that would be madness…

We will take it with us to the beach, it will star in a video of its own, and one day, it too might stand in The Crypt as silent witness to….you get the idea.

Come on, who has got some MDF, a jigsaw and some paint going dry?

Big bosomed blue jacketed Rich Huxley anyone?


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