Don’t Dream It’s Over… Oh, It’s Over

(N.B. Some of this information may now be out of date – this post is taken from our Mailing List mail which you can join here – It was sent out last week… so, erm, sorry!)

At last we can sit back and enjoy ourselves. The ‘dream’ is over. The mighty lion has roared its last and not even Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey could save us in our hour of need. I shed no tears. I lost no sleep. I have burnt my 1982 England pyjamas and torn up my passport. Come on Andy Murray. (Ah, that dream is now over too)

So what better way to start a new chapter in your life of disappointment than a good old fashioned Hope and Social knees up? And there will be beer. Oh yes we’re out on the road and a riotous affair it promises to be. So knock back that Pimms, set the barbeque to simmer and dash out the door…away we go.


Here’s our little summer jaunt.

A new Leeds date added at the fantastic Duck and Drake (it was a positive riot last time so get yourself down there – it’s not scary anymore) and some lovely gigs in the shape of Moor Music Festival, The Sun Inn and Harrogate Theatre. Come and see us and fight the good fight…the fun starts in Grimsby tomorrow (started last Thursday actually)…

July 1 –  Yardbird Club, Grimsby
July 8 –  On a boat, Oxford (sorry it’s very private!)
July 14 – The Duck and Drake, Leeds,
July 15 – Mojo – Mojo, Manchester
July 17 – Deershed Festival – Baldersby Park, Topcliffe
July 17 – The Sun Inn, Harrogate
July 23 – 444 Club – The Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham
July 29 – Simon Solo (supporting Field Music) – Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate
August 14 – Deighton Festival – For more info pls contact us directly; Deighton, Deighton
August 15 – Moor Music Festival – Heslaker Farm, Skipton

Sorry there’s no London date this time around – we’ve got something coming up in September so be patient!


We’ve got a brand new website here at We threw it together with some bolts and sellotape we found in the Crypt. No manual. No idea what we were doing. Please go and take a look and have a mosey around. We’re hoping to add loads and loads of content to it over the next few months…oh and if anyone does actually know what they’re doing with CSS or coding (no we don’t understand either) and has some free time on their hands to answer some questions then please get in touch!


For those of you who remember the way it all began we’ve put a load of Four Day Hombre stuff up on a new Bandcamp store. As ever it’s sold as ‘Pay What You Can’ and there are a collection of b-sides and demos as well. We might add to this as we tidy out the Crypt next week! Enjoy those memories…


Open top buses, t-shirts, big studios, orchestras, monkeys, bolts of lightning and a lock of hair from Zeus. Just some of the things we have in store for you between now and Christmas. We’ll see you at the finish line.

COME ON GHANA! (This sentiment too is now outdated)

Over and out…