BBC Introducing with Alan Raw

“They Are Brilliant”

Just a quick one to say that the lovely team at BBC Introducing (Alan Raw, Katie Noone, John Anguish et al) played James for us this week (which is nice). Not only that but also, he says that lovely thing at the top of this post, and goes on to talk about the Marching On Through jacket tour. Great stuff. You can listen again to the show online here… about 3 minutes in just so y’know!

Incidentally, I met up with Alan at a recent Leeds College of Music event where he talked about the social nature of the BBC Introducing uploader. I was unaware that the BBC Introducing uploader has social-web features like “Recommend to Huw Stevens/Tom Robinson” buttons and “Recommend for Festivals” buttons for the artists who have uploaded their tracks… So, if you do want radio play, hit the “BBC Introducing” badge above or head straight to and pop your tunes up there. It worked for us.

Ta ta for now.

x Rich


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November 17, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Hi Rich, just stopping by to say thanks for the kind words. Nice to see our badge there as well :) Glad it worked for you.

Richard (BBC Introducing)

November 29, 2010 at 1:05 pm
– In reply to: Richard

Hi Richard,

It’s our pleasure. In fact I think we’re probably due a weightier post about the importance of BBC Introducing. I personally think it’d be a great thing to get a wider selection of music on the airwaves. I’d like more weight given to shows such as the introducing shows, or better still a fairer and more representative selection of music across all stations.

BBC Introducing as an important vessel for “new” and “emerging” artists (I’m not sure I actually agree with those labels but you know what I mean). As a music fan, I want to hear music that sits outside the playlists of the mainstream shows. How else can we expect people to happen upon the variety of music available to us? Radio is still a mass medium and to have you championing things that may not see as much light as the ubiquitous Lady Gaga or whoever is paying their pluggers the most to funnel charlie up the noses of London producers is very important.

BBC Introducing, we love you.