What on earth is the…

As part of the Yorkshire Festival 2014, we’re gonna be marching our special brand of heart-on-the-sleeve music and trademark blue jackets around the route of the Grand Départ on a Tour of Infinite Possibility (TIP).  Find out more by watching this lovely video of us being rubbish at riding bikes!

Over 200 miles and doing 3 gigs per day we’re going to be laughing in the face of impossibility and rocking into market squares and sports grounds, taking over your village green or school field and making the biggest noise and the biggest party we possibly can.

➜ The gig weekends are 7/8 June & 21/22 June.
➜ Here are the gig dates & places.
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But this isn’t just any tour: With drums and voices, hearts and souls we’ll gather 100’s of new members as we go, forming A Band Anyone Can Join so in June we can play 12 shows in 12 magnificent Yorkshire locations on our brand new cycle-powered stage! And there’s more – we want You to join our band. Maybe you’re a brass band, a singing group, a football team, a scout troop, a primary school. Maybe you’re a bunch of mechanics who’ve always fancied being a male voice choir or a bowls club who’d love to learn the ukulele. Or maybe you just fancy bringing your bike down and helping to power our stage! The wilder the better. The crazier the more ideal.

Tour of Infinite Possibility FINAL CMYK sml

Image © Yorkshire Festival 2014

If you don’t think you can do it then you’re EXACTLY who we want. Whether you teach an instrument or have never played one before this is the tour where anything is possible. It’s going to be madness. And to make it real WE NEED YOU.

If you want to be part of it (or want to suggest a group we should work with) then get your self over here and fill in the form the Form of Infinite Possibility and we’ll be in touch.

C’mon Yorkshire. Let’s you and us have ourselves an adventure. h&s x

About Yorkshire Festival 2014

Yorkshire Festival 2014 is 100 days of art and culture ahead of this year’s Yorkshire Grand Départ. We’ve written the feem tune for the festival – The Big Wide. It’s gonna be played across the Festival by brass bands, children’s choirs and even a bike orchestra. It’s totally free to listen, download, share, use, re-write, honk out on a car horn… so do whatever you want with! In fact, we insist. If you wish to use the song on on any video you make for the Yorkshire Festival 2014 please do and you can download a no vocal version and read more about the license here. The Tour of Infinite Possibility is brought to you by Hope & Social and Grassington Festival

PRESS ENQUIRIES – Please contact Rachel Auty at press@grassington-festival.org.uk


The Tour of Infinite Possibility was commissioned by Yorkshire Festival 2014 with support from Arts Council England, Yorkshire Water, Welcome to Yorkshire and Yorkshire Local Authorities.


Enormous thanks also to Asda Foundation for additional funding which made this project possible.

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