Here are the TIP documentary movies from the workshop sessions and the finale shows. Just like the The Big Wide video and the “What is TIP” video they are lovely and shiny and made by the ever amazing Sodium The videos are listed in reverse order below (newest at the top), or if you want to watch chronologically, here’s the TIP YouTube Playlist.

HStip – Episode 17 – Round-up of Weekend 2, Day 4

The final day of TIP, rolling into Elland, Holmfirth and Kelham Island, Sheffield. It is with a tear in the eye and raise of the glass that the sun sets in Kelham on Sunday night. Farewell Tour of Infinite Possibility and the glorious souls who made it happen…see you again some time?

HStip – Episode 16 – Round-up of Weekend 2, Day 3

And so to the second weekend of TIP and the first day of Knaresborough, Addingham and Keighley.

HStip – Episode 15 – Round-up of Weekend 1, Day 2

On we roll to the people and places of Masham, Ripon and Harrogate.

HStip – Episode 14 – Round-up of Weekend 1, Day 1

A round up of the first day’s gigs in Otley, Grassington and Hawes.  The rains came but we were not deterred and everyone braved the weather with voices, hearts and cheap plastic coats.

HStip – Episode 13 – Otley Gig

The first gig of the Tour of Infinite Possibility, Otley Courthouse Car Park, 07/06/14. Singing in the rain. In the opening shot singer Simon Wainwright is pointing to a big black rain cloud coming over Otley Chevin.

We were joined on stage by nearly 200 good people of Otley including: Westgate Primary School, Gyll Royd School, All Saints Primary Orchestra, Otley Scout, Fairy Snuff Music, Otley Uke Orchestra, The Big Hoo Ha and the wonderful “Randoms” (Aka Otley Individuals). What an epic start. Was it going to work? Was it ever!

HStip – Episode 12 – Workshops Part 2

As we come up to our first weekend of the Tour of Infinite Possibility Gigs Rich and James talk about the experience so far. For reference James is only having a small breakdown. And he’s not alone… WE’RE ALL FINE OK! FINE!! Seriously… making the impossible happen is what we do. Can’t wait.

HStip – Episode 11 – Workshops Part 1

Some excerpts from just 2 of the heading on towards 100 workshops we’re as part of this project. It’s such a pleasure meeting and working with all these people. Although as you can see in Episode 10 the experience may just kill a man…

HStip – Episode 10 – James attempts to be interviewed

Sometimes you’re just too tired to answer simple questions. And sometimes you set up to film right in the middle of the band loading out. Confusion ensues!

HStip – Episode 9 – Otley Rolling Sideways

Rolling Sideways with the Otley individuals at their last workshop at Otley Courthouse. When we play this at the gig they’ll be joining us with an additional 20 singers and 20 ukelele players.

HStip – Episode 8 – Simon and The Bells

We love these tuned bells. They’re a great way of getting big groups making music together quickly (you’ve seen this song we recorded live with 200 people on bells yeah?). Sometimes however, it’s worth remembering that complex doesn’t always equate to better, and reminding ourselves that when things goes wrong, we learn stuff. [grins]

HStip – Episode 7 – Ed Break The Piano

At The Barge and Barrel in Elland, Ed’s solo destroys the piano. We have had to buy a new one since this video was made. [sighs]

HStip – Episode 6 – Hello Gigs Week 2 Roundup

Si talks us through some of the highlights of the second round “Hello!” gigs. Lovely round-up of stuff to-date.

Hope and Social meet Holme Valley Music Centre

We meet 250 amazing musicians who sign up to join us on The Tour Of Infinite Possibility. Simon W said “I’m starting to believe that this project just might work”. Must be good!

Us v Harrogate’s Spa Town Roller Derby girls !!

Harrogate’s amaaaazing Spa Town Roller Girls (say howdy to ’em on twitter here) signed up for The Tour Of Infinite Possibility… but only on the basis that we sign up for them to put us through our paces. They were awesome. We were a bit $4!t.

Louis joins us on the piano!

This is what the whole project is about. Watch one young man go from nervous accompanist, to keyboard-god in under three minutes!

Our Ed, interviewed by “Little Kelham”

Ed talks all things TIP; how we found our Hello! gig in Sheffield, where the gig’s at, how much of a party it’ll be! (Nb. This video is made by Little Kelham… not Sodium – say howdy to Little Kelham on youtube here)

Week One – TIP is green for go!!!

A round up of the first week of The Tour Of Infinite Pssibility.

Day One – Workshop at Burnsall VA Primary School

Where we meet our musical matches. 34 primary school kids with attitude (and a natural aptitude for musoc… which is nice!). The head teacher asked the children to give a one word review of the session: Matthew “Superb!”, Benji “Amusing!”, William “Different.”, Seth “Awesome!”, Georgia “Fabulous!”. And so it begins…

Making of The Big Wide Video

It was cold that day.