Domino Rally - 20th July 2024

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When, Where?

On the 20th July 2024, (a terrifying 13 years after the now “legendary” Sleep Sound Garden Party) , Hope & Social return with another summertime extravaganza of music, making, food, art, drink and fun. Hope & Social’s Domino Rally will deliver to you, our trusty and fearless festival-goer, some of the best and most ludicrous entertainment money can buy.

Who, What, Where?

We’re teaming up with the wonderful Old Woollen at Sunnybank Mills for this our day of non-stop arting, play, music and mirth, and it will be happening in their gorgeous venue and the beautiful surroundings of Weavers Yard.

We’ve a fabulous line-up of family-friendly fun planned for the day, music, workshops, activities, great indie foodies, a marvelous drinks menu (Including Ice-Cream-Van Cocktails no less!), all topped off with a giant domino topple/chain-reaction machine that YOU help us build.

Hope & Social Events

Hope and Social

This event is brough to you by Hope and Social, the band that brought you Eurospin’s Wine Bottle Orchestra, the Garden Party, who taught thousands of people to play with them all across the UK, made the world’s biggest Christmas dinner with food destined for waste (with The Junk Food Project), The 12 Gigs of Christmas, immersive sound art, A Street Band Named Desire… and much much more.

From Leeds to Edinburgh. From Glastonbury to Brighton. Via Kazakstan and Georgia. If you’ve been to a Hope & Social event before then you know what to expect…if you haven’t then here’s a little taster, strap in for the time of your lives.

Soul quenching music? Tick. Lip smacking food treats? Tick. Possibly impossible domino based activities involving 11,000 dominos, 1,000 giant dominos, and 10 mattresses for HUMAN dominos…? Tick tick tick.

All we need now is YOU.

Line-up Includes…

(More amazing acts and activities yet to be announced)

Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners

A hat tip to the Godfather of Madchester, summoning the spirit of the Hacienda era north, infusing it with New Orleans street band style and heart, Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners with have you dancing around in hedonistic ecstasy as we hark back to the nineties and noughties hey day of dance music. Fierce bass lines on baritone saxophones, all the brass, a free-wheeling drumer and banjo to boot.

Do not miss.

Edwina Hayes

Elegantly penned folk-Americana, hailed as “the sweetest voice in England” – Nanci Griffith. From Cropedy to Shrewsbury Festival, Edwina has wowed and wooed many a gig goer with her pin sharp melodies and pitch perfect delivery. A raconteur of the highest calibre, Edwina’s stories are as captivating as her performance.

“Haunting, honeyed singer songwriter” (Guardian)

King Zepha

Lively up yer good self for the honkin’ horns, thumpin’ double bass, dub delays, global rhythms and stunning 3-part vocal harmonies of Leeds’ very own King Zepha. A supergroup of Leeds finest musicians, their foot stompin’ rambunctious show fuses ska, dub, and good ol’ fashioned musical mastery. Wind your body down with King Zepha.

Domino Rally/Machine Building Workshops

The UK’s leading domino artist Ricardo Ardito will we bringing his domino expertise (and 8,000 dominos) to Domino Rally, to play with, build with, and he’ll be there to guide you through your domino rally building.

Soon to be announced are the play’n’build leaders for our chain reaction machine building sand-boxes as we (and YOU!) build towards one giant domino rally/chain reaction machine finale. (See our R&D day here on Insta)

Local Indie Food’n’Drink

Skip your supper and indulge in Leeds’ finest Indie foodies. Currated by the magnificent Old Woollen. The Old Woollen are a marvelous crew and they’re also curating the drinks menu. Draft, soft, hard, red, white, hot, cold. Something for all the family and downright qench-tastic. There’ll even be Ice-Cream Van Cocktails.


We believe in the power of music and play, so come play, make, decorate, paint, build and while away the hours in the beautiful setting of Sunnybank Mills’ Weavers’s Yard.



Entrance to the event (whether you arrive by foot or vehicle) is here on Town Street opposite the junction with Cherry Tree Drive –


Gates will open at 12:00 on the day. Hope and Social will hobble painfully off the outdoor stage to mild applause at around 9pm (so young-uns and old-uns alike can rock the festival day, and be home in good time) but the bar and food will stay open till 22:30. The Old Woollen venue will be open till late.

Food and Drink

A variety of alcoholic and soft drinks and a selection of fantastic foodstuffs will be available at the event. Please do not bring your own alcohol into the event as it will be confiscated! Drinking water is available.


The site contains both inside and outside areas but some of the event WILL be outside no matter what the weather does. Please check the weather forecast and ensure you have appropriate clothing for you and your party.


Free tickets are availble with any order which will enable a guest with access requirements to bring a personal assistant or companion with them to support them with their access needs. You can view the Old Woolen’s access policy here.

Getting here


The Old Woollen has good parking and public transport links to Leeds, Bradford and beyond! We would love it if you could avoid coming by car but appreciate that public transport might not be convenient for everybody.

Entrance to the event (whether you arrive by foot or vehicle) here –

There is very limited free on site parking.

This parking will be clearly signposted but in the event that it fills up there is lots of free street parking around the venue. If you do park on a nearby street please park responsibly with consideration to local residents! Our advice would be to use the large and free 24 hour car parks at the Pudsey Civic Hall – about 15 minutes walk away and at New Pudsey station linked below. Please note that not all nearby shopping centre car parks are 24 hour! Park safely!

The nearest train station is New Pudsey

To venue – 20 min walk, 13 min walk and bus, 5 minute taxi

Last train to Leeds at 23:42

Last train to Bradford at 23:40

Frequent buses from various stops nearby to a variety of destinations till about 11pm.

Taxi/Uber to or from Leeds City Centre will cost approximately £20 to £35 depending on time of day.

Taxi/Uber to or from Bradford City Centre will cost approximately £10 to £30 depending on time of day

Site Map


Security / Bag Checks

Upon entering the event you agree to have your bag searched by security.

The following items are prohibited on the day:

– Alcohol bought outside the venue.

– Glass bottles, cans, flasks.

– Laser pointers, glow sticks, flares, smoke grenades and aerosol cans.

– Air horns, whistles or other noise making distractions.

– Sharp objects or any items that could be used as a weapon.

– Animals (except service animals).

– Unauthorised literature or promotional giveaways.

– Items which are or maybe illegal including, without limitations, weapons, fireworks, drugs and other controlled substances.

– Any items deemed unsafe or to have a potential impact on the enjoyment or viewing experience of others.