“Do It All Again” on The Radio

Awesome news everybody!

Wowser. Thank you all for an amazing first week of our new album “Happy Bread (& Cruel Hangovers)“. Lots has been happening but first up, a heads up. We’re overjoyed to be able to announce that our lead track Do It All Again will get it’s international radio debut on National Treasure Tom Robinson‘s The Tom Robinson Show on BBC6 Music. He’s also talking with legend Lloyd Cole (and the Coconuts), so tune in. Always a good listen. But in case you wanna be all hipster about it get ahead of the curve and have a listen here. >>>

Tomorrows show airs from 9pm (Sat 5th Oct), and to be honest we’re all a bit gutted to have to miss it live as we’re all out working on various shows/performances. It’s always a special thing to hear the thing you’ve toiled over, take to the airwaves in real time… so we’ll all be doing the listen again thing on our way home in the car… but if you’re listening live, don’t forget to tell Tom how awesome he is, and how great our record sounds. [winks]

Posters/CDs/Tees are GO.

It’s sooo exciting for us when the new album merch arrives, but I’m happy… nay overjoyed to report that the posters and tee-shirts are absolutely gorgeous. I (Huxley) have yet to see the CDs myself, but our trusty Postage and Packaging elf and general Admin Fairy, Kate, of Spare Pair Of Hands tells us they’re gorgeous. [Note: if you’re strapped for time, and want something done better, quicker, and significantly less stressfully than doing it yourself… Talk to the Spare Pair of Hands elf!]

We’ve had a truly amazing response to the release of the record, and we’re happy to let you know that many online orders for CDs, Tees and Posters are already out in the post, with more to go today, and over the weekend. Essentially, of you’re buying online, you’ll have them in the next few days.

Should you wish to pick your merch up from us on tour, then just drop a note in with your order.

The Vinyl Countdown

A little update on the vinyl. For those who’ve asked, we are pressing GO on the vinyl pressing just as soon as we hit 100 orders. We’d truly love to just go ahead now, and recoup as we sell on tour, but alas a £4k van repair sucked the oxygen out of that plan. We’re still a wee way off our target for this, so if you’re hanging back thinking “I’ll just pick one up at one of the shows”, then please note that we can only get vinyl to you if we can make the pressing target.

For those who’ve already taken the plunge, thank you… and should it look like we’re not going to tip over the vinyl frontier [Sorry. I know, I knowwww] then we may opt to remove this pre-sale, refund you, and go again. Meanwhile, rest assured we’re not frittering away the vinyl pre-order money on crisps and (vegan) sausage rolls.

Come Meet The Band

Like many a successful band, we’ve been thinking about how we could pull together some of those moneygrabbing money-making offerings like those special “Meet The Band” packages that the already rich and famous seem to be making a killing on, for the forthcoming tour. We’ve worked out a package that’s ideal for our average punter – it’s quite simple.

1) You buy a ticket for one of our forthcoming shows, then
2) to access your VIP “Meet The Band” privileges on the night, simply come and talk to us. And that’s it. You get to meet us… like real human beings… who value their interactions with others, who don’t charge for conversation and try to profit from someone’s genuine enthusiasm for what they do like some two-bit organ salesman hanging out near a sports physiotherapists, trying to chloroform an otherwise healthy specimen carrying a limp.

So yeah. Come to the shows.

Hope and Social tour dates

And lastly…

Leeds and Halifax shows are already sold out – however, there are some other Yorkshire offerings in there, so please do check those out. AAaaaaaand if you know people in those areas we’re not quite so well known in, it’d be an amazing help if you could give friends and family a nudge in our direction. Tell ’em to access the VIP package and come say hi to us… if they’re very nice… we might even buy ’em a Twix and a cup of tea.

Thank you. You’re all gorgeous!


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Penny Jackson
October 4, 2019 at 4:17 pm

I’d recommend the ‘meet the band’ offer, I tried it over the summer, it was excellent value for money!! (and they were top blokes) x

October 4, 2019 at 4:40 pm

Beware the Meet The Band package.
You may end up getting pulled into some serious shenanigans as a result.*
Glad to hear that A Spare Pair Of Hands Kate continues to wrangle H&S merch. That was a fortuitous introduction….
(* You know I **love** all the shenanigans really.)