New Album “Happy Bread (& Cruel Hangovers)” OUT NOW!

That’s right, Hope and Social’s brand new album “Happy Bread (& Cruel Hangovers)” is out now.

We’ve lots to tell you about… downloads, streaming, where to get it on CD and all about the pre-order for vinyl, posters, tee shirts… but more on that in a minute… why not press play, then read on..?

These guys must be loaded – they give their music away for free!

The Internet – Circa 2006 to present day

“Happy Bread (& Cruel Hangovers)” is available from our bandcamp store on a Pay What You Want basis. We’ve written a lot over the years about the awesomeness of Bandcamp, and why people should Pay What The Feel for our music, but the long and short of it is:
1) Bandcamp is still the best way for musicians to sell their music online, and
2) if you want our music right now, for free, you can. We’d much rather that you have our music than money be an obstacle.

Stream, Listen, Download, Own

“Happy Bread…” is available here now, in many flavours of audiophile download and on (ethically packaged – gatefold artwork) CD now, and for pre-order on beautiful, heavyweight vinyl, again with gatefold artwork loveliness. Once we hit 100 orders on the vinyl, we press go. Lathes spin, metal is cut, vinyl is heated, pucks are pressed… records are made.

You can also get “Happy Bread…” here on Spotify and Apple Music, but if you’re all about supporting the artists you love… come back this way.

“To Look At” / “Look At Me”

How boring are walls? Really boring. Until you get our glorious poster set mounted that is! They’re A4, come as a set of 4, and *make you appear more intelligent and attractive to your colleagues and peers.

And, perfect for those who want to wear their supercool indie-artist supportin’ credentials literally on their sleeves, our brand new “Story N. 72” Tee-Shirt. Soft-touch cotton. Got a picture of one of us having an actual hangover on it. What’s not to like?!

Tee shirts also come with Hope and Social’s trusty *makes you more intelligent and attractive guarantee. [* NB: perceived intelligence and attractiveness not actually guaranteed]

Album Release Tour

Our “All Bar None” Tour Starts in Halifax on the 12th Oct (SOLD OUT), and finishes in Leeds at Brudenell Social Club (SOLD OUT), but there’s plenty of other dates in between. We’d love to see you. We’d love you to bring/tell a friend. We’d love to tell you some of the stories behind the songs.

Hope and Social tour dates

More soon. Bye for now. Love you.


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Tony Walker
October 14, 2019 at 8:45 am

The diary of dare, despair, devil may care and being there.

I didn’t like it on first hearing, but it’s a grower ‘with some bangers on it’. From the sound of this, the 10 years that have brought H&S to this point haven’t all been pleasant and smooth but this album makes it worth it – at least for us.

There’s something cinematic about H&S: this album has that ‘feel’ (like Feel) of a West End musical with rousing sing-along choruses and show-stopping dance numbers. There’ss a film or a musical show in this band and their history, with Channel 4 moving to Leeds…who knows?

Anyroad, keep goin’, keep the music comin’.

December 5, 2019 at 3:53 pm
– In reply to: Tony Walker

Ta luv!