The Polar Excess: THIS SATURDAY!

(WARNING, CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you’ve already bought your ticket and want the day to be a surprise, then look away now)

Ho Ho Ho Holy $h1tballs!

… that’s rolled around quick! This coming Saturday the 10th of December is “The Polar Excess”, our Christmas dooo, our end of year bash, our bidding farewell to 2016, and all round general p1$$ up… and boy oh boy we’re looking forward to revealing all this coming Saturday.

We’ve advertised the goings on at the event as secret, but with just a few days to go, and just a couple of dozen tickets remaining HERE we thought we’d let those of you still umming and aahing about it in on a few more details.

Places we’ll go

3:00PM – Location #1Northern Monk Brewery: Lovely, vibey, craft beer. It’s one of our favourite places for a band meeting in the whole of Leeds. Bit hipster. Fletch recommended it. Here we’ll meet, greet, and treat you to a mince pie on us… oh, and talk you through the next 8 hours of planned shenanigans.

3:50PM – All aboard! SECRET MODE OF TRANSPORT #1… probably rickshaw… [winks] … and off we go to…

Location #2Bradford Cathedral: What could be more festive than rocking up to a 14th century church and listening to Christmas carols??? Well, we reckon it’s rocking up to a 14th century church with your favourite rock’n’roll band to sing at the top of your lungs with “SECRET MUSICAL ARTIST #1“. That’s what! Bring your best singing lungs. (Nb – full disclosure…. we have form in this area)


(SECRET!) Location #3: somewhere in deepest darkest Yorkshire, you’ll be greeted by the the one and only “SECRET, BRILLIANT AND FAMILIAR MUSICAL ARTISTES #2“, get to do more Christmassy shenanigans, and then all hop aboard SECRET MODE OF TRANSPORT #2 to where you’ll be served your evening meal before we head to…

(SECRET!) Location #4: You’ll have H&S all to your lovely selves here. We’ll be churning out all the “hits”, old and new for your festive delectation. Expect collaboration. Not tooooo much we can say on this without blowing all the surprises, but all will be revealed on Saturday.

Then we’ll package you all up with brown paper and string, and whisk you all back to Leeds to reflect and review. We should be back for around 11:30PM, so if you really want to you’ve still time to whisk yerself off to Majestix, Jumping Jacks, Oceana…

What’s Included in your ticket

– Evening Meal – none of your poncey gastro-pub malarkey… something hearty.
– 3 musical sets/events
– Return travel: all your planes, trains and automobiles for the day. Leeds > Bradford > Secret Location #3 > Secret Location #4 > > Secret Location #3 > Leeds
– Large scale travel games
– Mince Pie
– The Horn

What you need:

– Some warm clothing, a smile, and your best singing lungs. Essentially, the only thing you’ll really need cash for on the day is for your own drinks (and a round for us if you’re feeling generous).

How’s that sound? Too good to miss? Thought so.


See y’all Saturday!