9 Videos Launch at Hyde Park Picture House

The Story So Far….

You may not have heard but we’ve got a new album about to come out, it’s called “FEEL” we’ve mentioned it once or twice ;-) Back in June we put out an open call to video makers around the world to pitch us an idea. We wanted to commission a video for each of the nine songs on the album. In return they would each receive three packets of walkers salt and vinegar crisps, a twix and a twenty deck of lucky strike. The response completely blew us away, the quantity and quality of entries was truly staggering! We spent a day at the crypt sifting through all of the entries, ranging from family holiday videos through to beautiful and painstakingly crafted stop motion animations. After lots of arguments a few fisty cuffs and eighteen litres of coffee we finally managed to whittle it down to our favourites (more on those nine awesome people shortly).


An Afternoon at the Movies

The first time I went to the cinema was as a young lad with my dad, I had a choice to see Karate Kid III or The Land Before Time. I choose wrong. The third installment of Mr Miyagi and Daniel son’s adventure was way too complex a plot for a six year old to grasp. As a 32 year old I still don’t really follow it. You won’t have to worry about that though at our video launch at Leed’s infamous Hyde Park Picture House. We’ll be playing all nine videos back to back and playing an intimate acoustic set on the afternoon of 22nd October. Tickets are pay what you want and available here

It’s sure to be a lovely afternoon followed by a shed load of drinking in the pub, so get ready to get popcorn stuck to your shoes, drink a vat of overpriced cola and have a fight outside the brud before the suns even gone down.


The Video Makers

So without further ado, here are our nine intrepid video making warriors and some samples of their amazing work (along with a sneaky first peak at the track listing for the new album).


Shot By Sodium – “FEEL”

These clowns AGAIN! Shot by Sodium need no introduction…..but here’s one anyway. We’ve worked with these jokers almost from the birth of Hope and Social. They just keep turning up and film the sh*t out of things. They’ve beautifully documented nearly every project we’ve done, captured it in HD and drenched it in their favourite Instagram filter ;-) From Come Dine With Us through to the Tour of Infinite Possibility they’ve been by our sides, generally getting cold, wet and being paid in chocolate biscuits. The consumate professionals and lovely blokes to boot, we are eternally grateful for everything they’ve done for us.



Virpi Kettu – “Sunrise Laughing”

Virpi is an animator and film director working extensively in the UK and Canada. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the past 12 years you’re almost certain to have seen some of her material. She has worked with Aardman Animations on the oscar winning feature film “Curse of the Were-Rabbit and “Creature Comforts” The National Film Board of Canada, Dream Works and Universal Pictures. Recently she was a key animator on a music video for up and coming experimental rock outfit “THE RADIOHEAD” check it out, those boys are going places (once the singer works out what key the song’s in).



Sam Hartshorn – “Tommy Gun”

Sam is a seventeen year old film maker from Harrogate, he’s been making films since he was six. In 2015 he was awarded the EON One’s to Watch Award at the Into Film Awards and his short film “Itcher” was featured on BBC3’s horror film competition “The Fear”. His showreel featured a lightsaber……….it made this an easy choice.


Anthony Barkworth-Knight – “Heavy Startup”

Anthony hales from sunny Manchester, he makes films, music video and live performances using animation and video. His recent work includes Counterpoint, an audio visual collaboration with four of Manchester’s leading musicians; All Res a vimeo staff picked music video for Manchester’s GoGo Penguin; Evolution: Seeds and Streams, a live audio visual performance at manchester jazz festival, 2015; Nicola Dale: Not so firm as faded ink, a film that featured as part of Nicola Dale’s touring exhibition in 2015.



Matthew Robins – “Come What May”

While you are asleep at night, Matthew is awake drawing pictures of crocodiles and cutting bits out of Barbra Streisand records to make her sing his name. He makes robots out of paper and cardboard soap operas. Combining music, live animation, shadow puppetry, stories about foxes, audience craft- participation, and made-up games, Matthew has been touring his live show around the country for a while, performing at comedy clubs, museums, art galleries, the Royal College of Surgeons,  Tate Modern and Tate Britain, as well as The National Theatre, The Barbican, The Roundhouse, The Little Angel Theatre, The Traverse in Edinburgh and the Waterfront in Belfast. Matthew also makes films and animations,  including commissions from Arts Admin/Xenoki, Dumbworld, The Barbican and Opera North, and recently made animations for The Light Princess, a new musical by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.



Duncan Robson – “London”

A San Francisco based video editor and 3d animator from the UK, Duncan has worked for over ten years in vfx and motion capture. He makes supercuts (remixes for video) and you may have come across the viral “Lets Enhance” and “Tumbleweeds” commissioned by the Columbus Museum of Art. You can support Duncan in making these awesome videos over on his Patreon page.



Nicola Hepp – “South Facing”

Nicola is a Swedish choreographer, screendance maker and dance teacher based in Netherlands. Nicola’s choreographies and screendance works have been shown in festivals and venues in the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Scotland, Portugal, Monaco, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong and the USA.


Patrick Rowan – “The View From Above”

Patricks work has be shown all over the globe from Australia to our very own Tate Modern. His sh*t is bananas, and we loved it. Have a browse on his site to see the incredible breadth and depth of his work. Careful folks, the performance may contain some strobe effects!



Richard Shaw – “Dig Hard”

Richard is a freelance animator who also works with children running pixilation (stop motion animation using people) activities as well as arts and crafts, filmmaking and visual effects. He pledged his fee to this project to help it get back up and running, how could we refuse!



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The Sam Hartshorn clips are pretty something……17? Clearly someone to watch…

September 26, 2016 at 10:42 am
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Aye, there’s some talent out there!