Garden Party – Hammock Stage Music

Acoustic music and hanging seating, a match made in heaven…

OK, so you’ve heard all about the rather magnificent music line up on the garden party main stage but you know what’s missing? Hammocks, that’s what. Scientific studies have shown that a full day of string bands, swing, dancing, mahoosive choirs and overly-excited Butlins escapees can cause potentially lethal inflammation of the giddiness gland and increased risk of Denison Syndrome.

Sleep Sound baby…

Now, if I could be bothered to locate and ask a Doctor I’m pretty sure that he’d prescribe several doses of Hammock throughout the day to allow your bodies to recover. Somewhere where you can lay back, take a break, have a drink and possibly plot the best way to steal goodies from the bake-off without Heather spotting you and having to use her teacher voice and/or whistle.

For those not into covert bakery theft, we’re also putting on some acoustic music to keep you entertained during the day. We have a few confirmed acts who’ll be performing in-between the main stage action, plus we may have some impromptu performances, surprise guests, travelling troubadours and open mic action throughout the day.

Not only will you keep yourself in good health, you’ll be able to check out our amazing custom hammocks for size. Play your cards right and you might even end up taking one home with you where you can spend wonderful summer evenings relaxing in your own garden plotting further petty theft and potential hammock-based calamities. So, who’s playing?

She Makes War

“a multi-instrumentalist with such an enchanting voice…” – Nemone, 6 Music

If we can drag her away from hula-hooping long enough She Makes War will be gracing our Hammock stage and, if I have anything to say about it, there’ll be a ukelele involved.

Wilful Missing

“Utterly delightful…incredibly hard it is to dislike them” – Drowned in Sound

I’m not going to lie to you, I have no idea what configuration of Wilful Missing we’ll be able to squeeze into our intimate stage but what I do know is it’ll be fab. Acoustic loveliness.

‘Just Karma Fables’

“a bit like Elbow having a fight with Kings of Leon”

For one performance only (probably!)… “Just Karma Fables” is the amalgamation of the bands Seven Fables, Just and Rottn Karma. They will be playing some originals along with some crowd pleasers. I’m expecting mini Burrows to be dancing front centre during the set. I say let’s get all the littlies dancing together. That’s right, you heard me – Music, hammocks, mini dance-off. It’ll be a bit like Bugsy Malone, only with a more competitive edge and potentially more custard pie throwing. Let’s go…

Simon Wiffen

“Makes Leonard Cohen sound like Mika…”

C’mon, you didn’t think me and Mark were gonna miss this did you? Shameless…

Want to get involved?

We may well have opportunities during the day to come and entertain the hammock area so if you want to play a few songs come and find me on the day. If I’m not near the acoustic stage I’ll probably be near the bake stand trying to steal stuff. Oh yes…

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