April, Track 5, Follow You Into

This song happened just about as naturally as any song can. We’d been writing all day and feeling pretty beaten, I sat down on the sofa in the studio and just started playing the arpeggio guitar part and singing some random lines over the top. Ed joined in on piano, Rich on gloc and then guitar and we hit record. I’ve posted that original on Soundcloud which I hope will show up here:

Follow You Into (1st Demo) by Hope and Social

It meanders and we’re not sure of the exact chord changes but this is literally the first or second time we played it.

Really easy and joyful to record – Gary and James worked out a great gloc/piano melody and Hux recorded his big guitar part with me standing on top of Jase’s old bass cab punching the air (Ed, you got a photo?). Brilliant stuff. For the record, James’ left-hand bass piano bit in the 2nd verse (sounds a bit like Sufjan Stevens) is my favourite bit of music on the whole album.

The refrain? “I’ll Follow You Into…”. I’ll follow you into hell if you need me.

Short but sweet. Simon.