Christmas Giveaway – Remix-a-Hope-and-Social

We originally intended to do this as a special for Barnsley College (where Ed and I spoke the other day) though due to demand (We’ve had literally some emails), we’ve decided to make this public. Always keen to share with our friends and fans, we want to give you the chance to help choose which song from “Architect…” we’ll output for you to remix!

We’ll give you all the files to mix your own Hope and Social song (not the splits, not processed tracks, the RAW audio that we used to mix the album!). Simply choose which one you want to work on and we’ll get the files for the poll winning song up online for your use. We’ll feature our favourite (or possibly all versions?!?!) here on our blogsite and credit you for the work done. Schimples!

Anyway, here’s the tracks to choose from, just click the down arrow to display them all!

[bandcamp album=4199761553 size=venti bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB]

And here’s the poll! Vote away!

[polldaddy poll=2354256]

There’s no money in it, but hey, it’ll be fun… and if any of you want to turn it into a Rock-Band track, well that’d be nice!

As for the tools you’ll need, if you don’t already have a multi-track editor/DAW then we highly recommend “Reaper“. and this is what is says on the Reaper site:

“The evaluation version of Reaper is complete and uncrippled. There are no artificial interruptions or restrictions, and you can save and load projects normally. We believe in giving you a fair chance to make sure that REAPER works correctly with your hardware and suits your workflow. The Reaper installer simply copies Reaper and its support files to disk. It does not install anything except itself. If after 30 days you decide that Reaper is not for you, simply delete it.”

Reaper reminds me of Hope and Social, they’re giving you a chance to try before you buy. If you love it as much as we do, do what we’ve done and purchase a license.

Happy mixing!


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