Photo interview…

We’ve done a photo-interview on – fantastic idea: 10 questions which you respond to with photographs. Really makes you think. See the results here!

They also put a lovely bit of text on there which made me smile:

“For years Hope & Social (previously known as Four Day Hombre) have been sniffing inquisitively around these parts like a thirsty, lost puppy looking for a bone to chew and a tail to chase. Over the last two years however they have been holed up in a crypt, recording their debut album, which took 16,000 cumulative man hours to create, and which they released as a pay-what-you-like download on their own label – Alamo Music (itself a fan-funded venture and innovative
business model) last June. The album dances capriciously between warm and hot, hard and fast, loud and soft, and has all the markings of classic, nostalgia-rimmed, autumn-tinted British pop. The solid bass and flawless drums further add to the enchanting labyrinth of sounds and structures, whilst a little bit of brass excitement blows in at the sides through an unattentive curtain. Live, there is so much more to Hope & Social as high on gusto these five smile-maniacs churn out epic set after epic set, tighter than an earwigs’ flange, honed to perfection, as only hombres could be.

They may not be the cure to cancer, AIDS or X-Factor (though I’ll be happy to munch my mirth if proven incorrect), but Hope and Social will reinstall your faith in human nature. You may cry. You may suffer seepage. Regardless, you will feel exhausted yet content, knackered yet utterly grounded. For the time being, it’s probably safest to stay
where you are, download their boss track Do What You Must (which has the balls of Springsteen, the gentle oomph of Doves, and still manages to shoehorn a choir in for equibrium) and have a sneaky peak into the wonderful world of Hope & Social through this little album they’ve compiled for us here. Hope is important, after all.”

So there you go… I”m off for a coffee.