Bar of Lost Souls Session (Day 2, Tuesday)

Working on a track called Where the Wildness Lives today. It’s been kicking around for ages and this seems an appropriate project to air it. Piano based again – first line “I never believed in the concept of evil” – hopefully gives you some idea of what it’s like. Kick around a format sitting around the piano (our chosen method of writing during this session – not our usual approach) and Hux adds some classical guitar ideas and a middle 8. The classical guitar is one Merlin had given us the day before. Someone was throwing it out and it’s now been assimilated into our studio (for the time being). It’s a little worse for wear but sounds incredible – especially in Rich’s hands. Just beautiful line. He throws a great little flurry that I adore. Only later he plays me Private Investigations off Alchemy and pinpoints where he stole it from.

It’s a 6/8 ballad I guess but the middle is much more Grinderman than Celine Dion. A nasty guitar line completes its intensions – I ask for something that sounds like Satan’s cappuccino machine and that’s what we get. Only with a little more melody.

Super low backing vocals and away we go. Mixed by 2am and home for bed at 3. A song a day. Written, recorded, mixed… why did the last album take 2 years?

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Larry North
August 7, 2009 at 12:33 pm

The album may have taken two years, but it was worth the wait.

Looking forward to hearing the ‘against the clock’ material………