One step forward two steps back (Thursday 30th July)

Another brief blog – leaving for a weekend of living room gigs ahead. Classic Hope and Social planning – one in Edinburgh, one in London, one in Yorkshire. We’ve hired a car because none of us own one which is reliable enough. Should be great fun though. We’re armed with kazoos and sleeping bags.

So yesterday. Started with a good feeling that we could write 2 or 3 good ideas (the most you can expect from a 7 hour stint in there) but things didn’t go to plan. Ed was very late so Rich and I bashed through a knees-up, bar room stomp. Interesting idea but one of those songs that could go either way depending on the nuances of arrangement and production. Ed and I discuss in some depth later – some songs will work come what may because of an integral strength in their melody and chord structure (you can play Yesterday on an accordion and nose flute and it will still have quality) but some need the wrappings of good instrumental arrangement or a “place” to give them a life. This one changes every time we play it depending on Rich’s sound, the tempo, the strength with which I hit the strings, the vocal meter. Spend rest of the day trying to find a new melody down dead ends and trying to hire a car.

Leave early to visit Roo who’s going through yet another tough phase. Great to see him as ever.

Thanks to all who have suggested songs for covering – it might take a while (autumn maybe) but we’ll get round to some more soon.

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