Crash Into Me (Friday 23 July)

Late night Thursday (gig in Leeds) and early start Friday down the crypt because I’ve got to go early. We’re in by 10:30 armed with breakfast and lunch for three for under £10 from Posh Slice. It’s usually impossible to make any kind of tolerable sound before midday but we’ve decided to dedicate the day to recording a cover so our chances are improved. During this next album session we’re going to do them every so often (if you’ve got any ideas then mail them to us). The first is Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews – the choice of our long time video maker Mark Wordsworth and a parting gift to him as he emigrates to New Zealand next week.

A few listens -I’d  forgotten what a good song it is. He sometimes borders on being too flowery for my liking on his later albums (there’s only so many clarinet solos I can take) but this one is such a beautiful and intricate song. So simple at its heart and Ed strikes on the idea of building the whole thing around the church organ and some percussion. We lay down a vocal and guitar guide to start with which is great fun – it’s so enjoyable to sing, the words tumble, like rolling a humbug round your mouth. Sort of. We then set up in the church and crank up the organ only to be stopped in our tracks by the church organist coming in to rehearse. It’s part of what I love about the crypt – the church is a working place, people are in and out for services or prayer or practice or whatever and even though most of the band aren’t church goers or “believers” they’ve totally accepted us and love to see what we’re up to. I leave at 4 but Ed and Rich crack on and into Saturday – even getting some parents and kids who are decorating the church to join in on percussion. We’ll post it up properly soon but for now you can download it here. Enjoy. It’s rough but I think it’s pretty lovely. Mybe we’ll put them all together as a release? Seriously, if you have any ideas mail us.

I’m actually writing this on Sunday on the way back from another astounding gig at the Casueway in Hartlepool. We love that place, we love those people. So much fun it almost feels wrong. Thanks one and all – we’ll see you in October. And Kev, if you’re reading… we donated the money online… no more to be said about it.

We’re in Wednesday and Thursday next week so I’ll write more. The week after we’re trying to write and record 5 songs in 5 days for a new show for imitating the dog called Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls – no idea what it’ll turn out like but if it’s good you’ll be hearing it. More later…


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July 27, 2009 at 4:23 pm

‘Over My Head’ by The Fray. Can’t stop listening to that song at the moment.

July 29, 2009 at 8:26 pm

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. MEATLOAF. Bat out of hell.


August 7, 2009 at 4:20 pm

Been listening to some old music and came across ‘creed’s – with arms wide open’. It’s an excellent song and i think simon’s voice would do it real justice.