Back in the Bad Seeds (Wednesday 8th July)

Earlier start because of earlier finish. (Now on a train to London for a meeting tonight). We were in for 11ish (always ish with us, well me) and playing straight away. Worked on a fairground/Bad Seeds thing about death or murder or Satan or something… not sure… a little bit reminiscent of These Walls but darker. Much darker. Really compulsive to play though and some gritty sounds. A little confused at first but Ed cleared it all up by asking “what do you imagine we’re all wearing” in a break from playing. Soon became apparent he was in the Bad Seeds so we all followed suit. Played that for about an hour and a half before moving on to something I’ve had kicking around for ages – I Still Believe. Song part of it needs a lot of work but we ended on a massive riff thing which could take us somewhere. Failed to restring Banjo again but Rich found a music shop round the corner on his search for strings which has a massive selection of ukuleles. We may purchase. Ended the day going through everything we’ve played in last three days. Promising.

Not back in for another week but will try and post some thoughts on the ideas next week. Living Room gig on Friday and Teddy Thompson support at the Duchess on Monday.