Not brown but definitely tan (Tuesday 7th July)

I’ll be quick because I’m missing a program about Rufus Wainwright – and as I’ll miss his opera next Sunday, probably through a hangover, I may as well glean what I can from the TV. So today – started around midday after another morning of frantic emailing, catching up, image creation (with slightly disappointing woodcut fonts) for new ITD show Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls and catching f*cking flies. Merlin called in (always a pleasure) and Roodle (likewise). Felt a little out of the zone but worked on loop thing that dropped a beat every 4 bars. Great guitar line from Rich and initially strong vocal. Mustn’t forget it. More work on sub-Springsteen thing – banjo on it but one string down. Ed decends into browness and doesn’t re-emerge for the rest of the day. (Must try this one tomorrow with new Banjo strings and Ed on piano). Finish with a more complete piano-based song – works when we break it down, the three of us creating one line from the composite parts. Random but not messy. Rain stops play as the crypt starts to leak – further investigation and we find it pouring in to the church upstairs. Not so good. They need over £100,000 to fix the roof so I’ve heard. Pub and brief discussion about October tour… so much to do.

Home for Thai food and more f*cking flies. Must listen to the Television album Andrew bought me, read Querelle and watch Anvil.