Back in the saddle (Monday 6th July)

Hectic morning getting life organised (I’m in the middle of two ITD projects, one of which is being run in Greece, as well as a new project starting next week so mails-a-plenty in the mornings) before heading over to the crypt for 12:30. Usual first day in the studio – setting up, tidying up, putting off the inevitable awkward first chords with coffee and soldering. It’s just Ed, Rich and I for the time being so we’re sort of arranging ourselves in a circle with all possible instruments within grabbing distance – Rich: guitars, vocal, piano (his), banjo / Si: guitars, piano (usual one), vocal and pump organ round the corner / Ed: Rhodes, Casio, Glockenspiel, Pro Tools. Then we’ve stuck a big bass drum and snare drum in the middle for anyone who fancies a bash. Everything microphoned up an in to Protools and then back out for us all on headphones. Finally made some noise around 3pm. Worked on a rolling piano based track – tentatively called Pitching Far Too High – almost impossible to keep in time but gorgeous parts emerging in the form of a sort of fairgound waltz from Ed and 70s-like groove from Rich. Really positive. Then sub-Springsteen alt-rock thing that we need to treat with caution: Ed – “We need to keep the really great bits but avoid the obvious cheesey feel”. Aiming to try cappo on 12th fret and banjo tomorrow. Maybe get Ed on piano? Sang it all the way home though so can’t be all bad. Great to be back in the saddle.

Home to the new country life and a fly infestation. Back still hurting from rocking too hard last night. Mammoth email from Tom re: Pedestrian project. Beautiful sky.

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July 7, 2009 at 8:31 pm

Woah! They are off! How very exciting. Great blog. Cant wait to see how the cappo on the 12th goes, and hear the outcomes of ed on piano!