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I’ve got 5 minutes to write this before I have to dash but just wanted to say something in the hiatus between tour and Glastonbury. It’s been a really special run of shows – partly because people can finally hear the album but mainly because of the atmosphere created by everyone in the room. I wrote this below in the van last week and it sort of sums up what I’m feeling…I hope it’s head isn’t too far into the clouds. Thank you if you’ve shared a gig with us, come and play again soon…

“We’re back in the van now on the way to Essex to the High-Barn. Five gigs in to this short tour (Talbot, Liverpool 02, Mojo Leeds, UM Vodcast, Leeds Library) and we’re having a ball – so good to be playing and moving around talking to people – actually engaging, on and off the stage. It really feels like we’re creating some magic at the moment – that could be bollocks and I’m being swept up in a cloud of tiredness but it feels that way. I know the gigs are relatively small but it doesn’t matter – it’s just about creating some kind of…escape I guess, in a room, a bar, a field with whoever is with you. We made a conscious decision when we started as Hope and Social to try and make every gig an event, a celebration of some sort and it feels like we’re succeeding this week. It might not last but today it’s alright. “I still believe in magic“.

The album is generating an overwhelming response from people – I’m a bit bowled over by it. An honest chat with someone after a gig who is getting something out of listening to the album or seeing us play is worth 10 reviews from any journalist. I think we’ve all had a reminder recently of why we stopped jumping through hoops for the industry and decided to just try and make something worth shouting about, worth talking to people about…worth sharing. I stand by that choice and defend it with a mighty sword.”

PS – If you haven’t seen these photos from the Leeds gig then take a peek – great shots Barnaby –


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June 23, 2009 at 11:51 am

Simon it is nice to hear you’re enjoying the feedback from people watching your gigs. You didn’t seem to believe me after Blues bar …. I think you are awesome.
You are intimate and refreshing. Passionate too. You can tell you are good together you guys.

Glastonbury is the place for music and bringing people together, I honestly can’t think of a band I have seen that will do that better than you lot.

Just play your bloody hearts out. Sad to not be there with you to share it.

Well done I gather you’ve been grafting at this a long while.

Lucy aka scarecrow head (and sidekick Charlotte of course).

ps – Ed happy bday honey. Gary you better have a whisky for us (bottle that is) and do the cover – you’re amazing xx
pps – Rich n Jason – go mental please!

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