New Album OUT NOW!

Hope and Social’s fan, and critically acclaimed album “Happy Bread (& Cruel Hangovers)” is out now on Vinyl, CD, Download and for streaming. Find out all about it here!

Shock news! We’re a band and we make music. In fact, we’ve made a lot of music. Since our first release in 2009 we’ve made 6 albums, 4 eps, a Christmas song, two live albums, two project albums and the soundtrack to a rather strange theatre show about sailors. You can get it all at our Bandcamp store.

You may notice that we sell everything we do Pay What You Want (PWYW). You can literally pay us nothing for a digital album or just the cost of manufacture and postage if it’s a CD. We don’t even ask for your email address! Why do we do this? Because we think you’re perfectly capable of deciding the value of something for yourself. If you don’t want to pay for our music or can’t afford it right know or if you ain’t sure if you like what we do we respect that. Please, fill your digital satchel! We’d much rather that our music has a happy home than sit all alone and worthy on a dusty digital shelf.

However, we do ask two things. Firstly, we sometimes call PWYW “Pay What You Think it’s Worth”. Think about what our music means to you and be assured that because we use Bandcamp as much as possible of any money you do choose to pay goes straight to us and helps us to keep doing what we do. Literally, your money makes this music. Secondly, if you do like what we do please pass it on to a friend. Copy a CD, send them mp3’s, pass them a link. If you like it, please share it. You are our PR team! All we got is you, three chords and a runny nose…

h&s x