The Vinyl Countdown

A Way To Blue. . . 12″ Vinyl

Wheels are in motion, cogs are whirring and spreadsheets are being filled in here at H&S HQ, readying ourselves to drop our brand spanking new album ‘FEEL‘ on your laps on Monday the 10th of October. It’s all recorded, we’re just at the stage of signing off final mixes, then it’s mastering, and off to the CD pressing plant. As if a new album, and an albums worth of music videos, a Pay What You Want digital release, a “9 Videos” premiere at Hyde Park Picture House and a UK tour isn’t exciting enough for you all, we’ve decided to try and realise a lifelong ambition and release FEEL on 12″ Vinyl.

Not just any vinyl, but sexy, blue vinyl!!


“Vinyly it is happening to me”

Here’s a picture of what said vinyl might look like…


Ok, so we haven’t totally sorted the artwork yet but you get the idea… it’ll be blue!!

We’re really excited about our new record. It’s a departure in many ways. A departure from tried and tested ways of making and releasing a record, and from our usual ways of working a release. While we’ve always favoured the “finish the record – upload to bandcamp” way of working, we FEEL that we really want to give this record the best chance of reaching further than we can on our own. To those ends, we’ve raided our piggy banks to make lots of lovely things happen around the release.

We need YOU!!!

In order to make this Blue Vinyl a reality though, we need you. We need the pressing of the vinyl to be sustainable… though we’ll settle for it not bankrupting us to be honest. [grins] Aaaaaand we’re super confident… well, pretty confident… ok, we think we might be able to do it. For the next 7 days (until the 22nd August), we’re opening pre-orders for “FEEL – 12″ Blue Vinyl” HERE!


As well as helping us break our [coughs] vinyl frontier and guaranteeing the production run, you’ll be helping us get an idea of the kinds of numbers we’ll need be pressing. And we’ll be really grateful too. Along with your copy of the album on vinyl, you’ll get immediate download of the album “Feel” when it’s released, and something special too – we might let you have first listen to the record, or we might send you the smell of the inside of one of Huxley’s guitar cases… we’re not quite sure just yet… but it’ll be lovely. Promise! We’ll have to have a look around the Crypt and see what we’ve got that we could give away. Maybe a pet mouse???

Groovy Kind Of Love

So if you love us, and want to help us put a record on wax for the first time, AND you fancy grabbing yerself a Ltd. Edition Hope and Social super-special blue 12″, then please Pay What You Want (min = £20) and pre-order your copy today! In the spirit of transparency, for us to make the pressing happen and to get vinyls back to us for around tour time, the numbers work like this: at £20 per copy, we need to do 100 copies this week. If however you just want to make this happen at all costs, drop a bigger note in the collection bowl, and we can press the big red “GO” button even sooner. Think of it a bit like a “kickstart campaign without a kickstarter“.

That’s the vinyl word from us for now. We’ll we crossing our fingers, and getting ready to say “Yay” and “Thank You” a lot.

Love yoooooou,

PS other design options include “James Blows Hard” >