Crypt Covers 10: Dancing Years – Saturday 4th January

UPDATE 7-1-14

Video below!

Crypt covers 10 was the beautiful “I’ll Do It All Again” by Leeds own Corrine Bailey Rae suggested by @manwakesup on twitter. It’s SUCH a good song. Quite heartbreaking… The recording was one live take of the whole band and then we just overdubbed all the vocals and a teeny bit of extra brass and strings in the middle chorus. Dancing Years were absolutely fantastic and Dave’s voice slays us every single time. Tea was curry and we were home before midnight. A really lovely day! A joy to do this one. We hope you like it. (it was pretty chilly in the crypt btw…)

(Video by Shot by Sodium)

It’s 2014 y’all! Well, it’s finally here, the first volume of crypt covers is coming to an end and what a treat we have for you! The beautiful dreamy soundscapey Leeds based wonderboys Dancing Years are joining us this Saturday to herald in the new year.

They are lovely young chaps and no strangers to the crypt. They first recorded here when they were only 8 years old! (Well, maybe slightly older than that…)

If you don’t know what’s going on you can see our previous Crypt Covers here.

UPDATE: We are GO!

Welcome to the live-blog. Don’t forgot, all tweets with the #cryptcovers hashtag turn up in the lovely CoverItLive widget below:


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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Dancing Years

1) Dancing Years formed in April 2012 and released their debut single ‘Here’s to my old friends’ in October 2013. As well as eating they’ve also spent the 2013 festive period recording.

2) They travel and tour in their beloved Vauxhall Zafira…for now.

3) David Joe and Dan all went to high school together. Dom and Monty (Joe Montague) were found later.

4) When asked or interviewed Dancing Years tend to say they’re from Leeds yet this isn’t strictly true. One vital member’s heart lies in Birmingham whilst another’s, you got it, Milton Keynes.

5) You can keep tabs on us by visiting

And here’s their current single “Here’s to my old friends”:


We’ll be live blogging as usual and the vid will be shot by the always amazing Shot by Sodium

h&s x