WANTED: Intrepid Intergalactic Explorer (with a camera)

“Ding dong ding dong. Public announcement…

WANTED: Massively talented and fun-loving cameraman to come and shoot some video on the Grassington Run this Saturday.
SKILLS: You should be able to use a camera and survive on numerous forms of public transport.
HOURS: 9am – 8pm Saturday 23rd June
PAY: You’ll be paid in smiles, excitement and over-exuberant thanks. You’ll also be immortalised in pixels. Yeah.
HOW TO APPLY: Mail with a picture of a camera attached to prove you know what one is.

Over and out.”

Yep…you got it…we’re after a cameraman for our jaunt to Grassington on Saturday to help us document the journey and gather the footage for a mouthwatering video. Don’t worry we don’t need you to edit it or do any CGI…we’ll outsource that to Norfolk…we just need someone to knowledgeably point a camera in the right direction and join in the sillyness. It could be you!

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June 20, 2012 at 3:36 pm

You make me giggle Simon!