The Grassington Run!

Oops, Train crash
Ed's turn to drive
Morning campers. Every weekend seems to bring a new and interesting challenge to the H&S camp. Last weekend we had a hit and run with a group of non-compliant African Drummers…the weekend before we did an afternoon’s abseiling in the van…this weekend we head to Scarborough (Future of Music Festival) and Selby (Selby Fun Day!) for some more running on the spot…and all of this ahead of what promises to be an expedition like no other…The Grassington Run! What’s The Grassington Run I hear you say? Well, the lovely people at Grassington Festival have set us a challenge…. 

They’d seen the events we’d done; the crazy journeys, the ridiculous challenges and the wide eyed juvenile fun, and they concluded we just weren’t trying hard enough. They felt it was all a tad……safe.

So they threw down their gauntlet…Grassington style….

Could we make our way to Grassington Festival travelling by as many forms of public transport as possible? Could we gather crowds and lead them like pie-eyed pied pipers to the Grassington Festival, possibly never to return? Could we show people the beauty and charms of Yorkshire and entertain them along the way? Could we make it to  Grassington Square in time to do a full band headline gig at 4pm, and involve our travelling companions in the performance?

And….could we do it without our magic powers? Could we do it without our musical instruments? AND… could we do it without any money!?!

The answer, most likely is “no”. But we promise to have as much fun as possible trying and fail with our hearts out in bloom.

If you fancy joining us on this madcap adventure then take a look at the Eventbirte page at Tickets are available for the whole journey – “PUBLIC TRANSPORT SUPER HERO” (nearly sold out) or just one spell-binding return leg on a steamtrain, “PUBLIC TRANSPORT SUPER SAVER”. The Super Saver ticket would be an awesome family afternoon out and includes 2 steam train trips and a guerilla style gig with borrowed instruments in the beautiful surroundings of Bolton Abbey. Both tickets include all transport…

For the mighty price of NOTHING you can also just join us just en route for the special little gig or at Grassington for the final punt. The more the merrier! Check the Eventbrite for more details. And watch this space for more details on timings.

You have been warned.


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June 13, 2012 at 6:08 pm

Past experience has taught us that the one thing you can be absolutely CERTAIN about at an h&s Event is ….. erm, er … well some kind of fun things happening anyway!

June 17, 2012 at 10:11 am

I can’t seem to find a FB event page for this so I have created a group
Does anyone want to do bring and share for the picnic?