GO GO GO! April released today!

OK calm down, calm down, stop pushing, stop pushing…one at a time, one at a time, there’s plenty for everyone. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls…


The new Hope and Social Album "April"

Yes, your eyes don’t lie, the truth stands buzzing before you like an overweight bee. Our new album April is now available as simple download or beautiful (beautiful!) gatefold CD from http://music.hopeandsocial.comApril is our second full album, recorded once again in The Crypt, West Yorkshire between January and April 2010. It includes all the usual Hope and Social fayre and some added springtime beauty in the form of Garforth Brass Band, a string quartet, the “Come Dine With Us” bottle orchestra and the band’s first full blown sax solo. From the wide-eyed positivity of opening track April to the hand on heart honesty of Marching on Through it’s all in there.

And it’s yours for whatever you can afford! We continue to sell all our standard releases for “pay what you want” (above the actual price of physical production). The album took 3 months and as usual paid the band nothing so please give whatever you can to help us keep the ship afloat. More than anything though we want you to hear this music so if you’re skint either just get the download for free or pay the minimum. If you’ve just pushed into the 40% tax bracket and have a Rangerover then do the honorable thing. And if you’re a lawyer you’ll no doubt charge us for the pleasure of you buying it.

Buy it. Listen to it. Let us know what you think through all the usual channels – email, twitter, facebook, stone tablet, pigeon…

We’ll also be blogging all week to say a few words about each track…starting…in about…1 hour…

(By the way Ed Heaton, we have a special “non-believer-humble-pie” version for you. Yes we did it!)


The rickety H&S bus continues to trundle through the roads and the towns and provide something akin to music on our way. We’ll be shouting loudly and throwing our ageing bodies around in a place near you very soon so put on your Sunday best and come shake your money-maker at one of the following places:

21 April Cavendish Arms’ Ballroom (The), London
23 April Talbot Inn (The), Kidderminster
24 April Stereo, York
25 April Blues Bar, Harrogate
29 April The Duck and Drake, Leeds
1 May Golden Lion Inn, Ripon
3 May Woodcutter, Hartlepool


Don’t let the drizzle bring you down and remember that mini-milks can combat any form of seasonal sadness.

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Lara Ruffle
April 19, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Mini-milks are awesome. x