Empty churches, use them now!

We did the ELFM ( session on Saturday afternoon and it was an absolute joy… I think the audio will be up on the site on Tuesday and we’re trying to get hold of the mp3 to give away some day soon. Broadcasting for 24 hours from an old Methodist chapel in Seacroft the space confirmed our theory that there is no better place to perform acoustically than a house of God – incredible acoustics in a tiny room which reminded me of something between Little House on the Prairie and a scene from Rumpole of the Bailey (Google that anybody born after 1978). Thanks to Ed Heaton and everyone who was down there – another positive, life-affirming experience, people actually doing something creative and engaging and involving people in moments rather than sitting back and commenting or complaining. Wonderful to be involved… And if you’re in a band and you see a disused church – go ask who owns it and how much they want a week as rent. Best thing we ever did…

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