The Black WidowMaker – The saga ends

Well the Black Widowmaker had one more go at killing me. We had to abandon hopes of getting to London in the van when it wouldn’t start last Thursday. So after a big charge on the battery (it now seems that wasn’t the problem – you’ll see, shortly) I tried to get the damn thing going…

Got TBWMaker on to the road through use of gravity and some serious pushing. Still no joy getting it started – called the RAC (for the third time) and continued to try and start it.

A heavy plastic smell began to emanate from the engine compartment, and lo-and- behold, on opening that up, smoke filled the cab, and flames were visible by the engine itself. I put these out. RAC arrived and in my absence (they failed to call me sadly!) called the fire-brigade who apparently opened TBWMaker up through three windows, and one door forced.

I had to chase the location of the van up with the Police and and Fire services as the RAC told me it’d been towed – it hadn’t, so I then had to waste a further 2 hours yesterday checking its whereabouts and organising a fourth RAC recovery.

The owners now have her back and I hope it’s the last I hear of the van,. The band who hired it to us said “Hopefully it’s just a case of a new starter motor and three windows”. Chaps, I’d seriously think about ever getting in that thing again… even for a 5 mile round trip. It’s a BAD vehicle, it’s only just gone through its MOT apparently. I can only assume at a garage manned by a deaf, blind, mute whose seeing&hearing Labrador does most of the MOT work.

Dear Hirers, please be careful, I don’t think it’s road-worthy let alone Hire-worthy. You are nice chaps, but your van is a danger to all who sail in her.

The thing has cost me (and no doubt other band members) over a day and a half of work time (read “Pay”).

Seeing TBWM (TM) disappear on the back of an RAC truck, I’m very glad to see the back of her. Next time, it’ll be vans for bands or Tiger-Tours. Or at least something with four tyres.

xx TheHuxCapacitor

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April 2, 2009 at 11:15 am

The Black Widow Maker (TM). Tag line “It’s a BAD vehicle!”

Ha ha ha.

Its fitting that the last time you see her she is on the back of an RAC van.

And I bet when you first saw here the A team theme tune was going round in your head.