Making music together… apart

Remember the game “Consequences”, where you draw a head, fold the paper and pass it on for the next person to draw the body? This is like that, but for music.

So what do you do when you’re a six-piece band used to playing ‘balls-to-the-floor, heart-on-your-sleeve’ shows throughout the year only to be resigned to the four walls of your Otley mansion/York Hobbit-Hole indefinitely, with no real idea of when you will be able to get together again to play or record music? WhatsApp Sessions? Tick. Individual Live-Streams? Tick. Oh wait. Every one and their dog are doing those now, and you’re renowned throughout the world* for dreaming up fantastical projects to marry with the shows and records.
Ladies, Gentlemen and Hipsters all over the globe…

We bring you S.E.N.T. (See Everyone Next Tuesday), a project born out of solitary confinement and the desire to record and release some music in the Pandemic-induced hiatus between writing and recording our next Album.

Six band members. Six weeks. Six songs. Germinating from a single musical idea (‘seed’) from each band member, the seeds are then passed on every Tuesday to another bandmate who has a free rein on what to do with the recording next (be it add crazy delay and reverb, re-structure the idea, write some lyrics or even delete the whole thing and start again). Strictly NO listening to any of the ideas before you receive them or after you’ve passed them on.

This process (akin to the Pied Piper picking up The Lumineers, Simple Minds, Gary Numan, David Byrne, Paul Simon and Trent Reznor on his merry way, leading them into the river and then ringing them dry) has resulted in an E.P of six musical ideas that actually surprisingly sound like songs. Songs that have Charlie Chaplin and John Coltrane brushing shoulders, Eagles drinking, Keyboard synths referenced and cerebral fisty-cuffs.

“SENT is a six week, public facing, composition experiment born out of the limitations of creating music together in lockdown”

Is what we would’ve written for a funding application. But nobody has any money left so Pay What You Want for it over on

We (probably ill-advisedly) decided to make this process public. You can listen to each weeks output and follow our weekly “progress” in these blog posts.

We hope you enjoy the songs as much as we enjoyed making them. We may even do it all again
H&S x