This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place – A sonic time-machine. A portal to musical moment, in the very place it happened.

This Must Be The Place explores the ways in which people’s memories, the events in our lives, the experiences we have are embedded in the very walls and streets of a place, rooted in its very soil. Where’s that one spot in your hometown that when you’re there, you’re the most [insert hometown here] that you can be? The place that most speaks to you, that draws you home when you’re not home, that centres you, the place where that thing happened? This Must Be The Place is about those places.

Throughout May and early June 2018 Hope & Social met and spoke with a number of people from Grassington, and visited the places they felt were significant in the fabric of their lives, in this place. From these conversations and field-trips the band have written and recorded six songs that can be listened to in the six unique locations where the pieces were recorded.

These are binaural recordings which, when experienced on headphones, give a 360° audio image, rather than the standard left and right of a stereo recording; on listening we are enveloped in 3 Dimensional sound.

There’s a real sense of the space the songs were written and played in, and of the moment in time that the recordings were captured. A unique, immersive listening experience.

Huge thanks to our partners on this project, Great Places:Lakes and Dales and Grassington Festival. Massive props also to our friends Invisible Flock for loaning us their recorder and binaural mics… and for letting Fletch set fire to their studio whilst operating their lazer cutter.