We like to play gigs…

…large or small, from boutique festivals to Glastonbury to great pubs, even your house if you’ll have us. You may have already seen us live, if not, then shame on you, come and see us soon…

⇒ For all booking enquiries, please contact Leila Cooper at Strada Music. You can email her direct at leila.cooper@stradamusic.com, or call Strada Music on 01377 217 662.

Hope and Social tour dates

Living Room gigs

As we said, we like to play anywhere as long as there are people wanting to get involved. We do lots of Living Room gigs which are exactly what they say on the tin: a gig in your living room. Sometimes there will be two of us, sometimes the whole shebang. We offer these gigs on the same basis we offer our music: Pay What You Want. All we ask is that you respect that this is our job and you feed and water us (and find us a bed if you’re a bit too far to drive!). It is a privilege to be invited into people’s homes to play music, a real honour.

Please contact us if you want us to come play in your house!

Events and projects

And when we’re really in the mood to lose some money we put events on. All sorts of nonsense. We normally make these decisions whilst either extremely tired or under the influence of good ale. That’s how we’ve ended up carting 70 people on an open-top bus to the seaside, turning our studio into a Bistro for the night, running a Yorkshire Garden Party, carol singing on Leeds Town Hall steps…the list goes on. Incredible days with incredible people. Read about what we’ve done in the past on our project pages.