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As part of the Yorkshire Festival 2014, we marched our special brand of heart-on-the-sleeve music and trademark blue jackets around the route of the Grand Départ on a Tour of Infinite Possibility (TIP). Find out what it was all about by watching this lovely video of us being rubbish at riding bikes!

Over 200 miles and doing 3 gigs per day we laughed in the face of impossibility and rocked into market squares and sports grounds, taking over village greens and school car parks and making the biggest noise and the biggest party we possibly could.

➜ The gig weekends were 7/8 June & 21/22 June 2014.
➜ Here’s the full list of the gig dates & places we went to.

But this wasn’t just any tour: With drums and voices, hearts and souls we gathered 100’s of new members as we went, forming A Band Anyone Can Join and in June we played 12 shows in 12 magnificent Yorkshire locations on a cycle-powered stage! We worked with brass bands, singing groups, scout troops, primary schools and more.

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Image © Yorkshire Festival 2014

A post-TIP message from us…

What can we say about the Tour of Infinite Possibility? The best project we’ve ever done? One of the most rewarding experiences of our lives? An honour and privilege? And a Leeds Arena gig to top it all off? Madness. We are humbled and awestruck by the response from everybody who took part or experienced it in any way so thank you thank you thank you…

We’d love to do it ALL again but I honestly think the aftershow party has seriously damaged the health of one, if not all of the band. There ain’t no party like a Hope and Social party. Well, at least not one which ends in locks being changed, sleeping rough and waking up in a taxi in the moors.

For anyone suffering TIP withdrawal here are some beautiful short films made by our long time heroes Sodium! Get the hanky out…

One thing’s for sure – Yorkshire, you & us…. we had a blast!

Thank you all.

h&s x

About Yorkshire Festival 2014

Yorkshire Festival 2014 was 100 days of art and culture ahead of this year’s Yorkshire Grand Départ. We wrote the feem tune for the festival – The Big Wide. It was played across the Festival by brass bands, children’s choirs and even a bike orchestra. It’s totally free to listen, download, share, use, re-write, honk out on a car horn… so do whatever you want with! In fact, we insist.

The Tour of Infinite Possibility was brought to you by Hope & Social and Grassington Festival

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The Tour of Infinite Possibility was commissioned by Yorkshire Festival 2014 with support from Arts Council England, Yorkshire Water, Welcome to Yorkshire and Yorkshire Local Authorities.


Enormous thanks also to Asda Foundation for additional funding which made this project possible.

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