The Seaside Funbus

A daytrip to the seaside. And a gig. Well two. 2011.

On September the 4th 2011, Hope and Social hired an open-top, double decker sharanang to eek that last bits of sun and warmth out of the summer… and with 70 wonderful people we headed for the seaside. It was an amazing life affirming day for us as the band and was made super special by the efforts of the team of people who came.

There was coffee, there was a bus, there was a bus break down, there were songs bellowed out from the top-deck, there was a beautiful pub, a beach, a sailing club, there were deckchairs, there was a barbecue, there were two shows, there were cock-rock cover versions on the way back to Leeds. There were too many amazing things to list here, but if a picture speaks a thousand words then here, set to music, is Will Billany of Trunk Films‘ beautiful document of the day for your delectation.

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