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We hate writing this stuff. Want to read someone bigging us up? Send an email to Rich’s mum. We formed in 2008 and built our house on the foundations of some over-serious indie music, a falling out of love with the record industry and a still heartfelt belief in the twin powers of music and people.

We had a manifesto. It was basically that we would only do stuff that was fun, that we’d make only the music we wanted to make, and plan events that we’d want to go to… that we should let people pay what they want for our music, that if it’s all about the money then we should probably just go train as accountants… that we should collaborate with interesting people and on interesting projects… that making music makes our lives better, and we want to share how that feels, not keep it to ourselves.

We hail from the far-flung corners of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland but our home is in Yorkshire in the North of England. We’re a band… and as well as the proper bandy type things like gigging, touring, making and releasing records, making videos and playing festivals. We like to involve people in most everything we do… and they never cease to amaze us. We have fun and make art. We create events to remember. We talk about what we do and stuff we care about.

We’ve released 6 studio albums, an acoustic album, two live albums, a collaborative “Crypt Covers” album, the “Bring The Happy” album with Invisible Flock, 5 EPs, countless videos, played innumerable shows, been on th’telly, and have more stories than yer Mam’s had hot dinners.

We wear blue jackets.

Fingers crossed, we will die with our hearts out in bloom.
We are Hope and Social.
Lovely to meet you.
x H&S

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